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It’s my honor to host the Yakezie Carnival this week.  The Yakezie is a group of bloggers who are working together to improve their blogs.  MH4C has been part of the challenge for several months.  Thanks to everyone who submitted their entertaining, helpful, or informative articles.  I didn’t know how to arrange these posts, so I just organized them in reverse order that I received the submission.

Financial Samurai reminds us that Millionaires Need Love Too Ya Know.

Redeeming Riches discusses CD rates.

Maximizing Money discusses Airline Unaccompanied Minors Fees.

More Style Than Cash offers some money saving tips in the post School Supplies for Kids – Cutting the Costs.

Wealth informatics discusses credit score types.

Frugal Zeitgeist suggest Cleaning your Teeth: The Essential Money Saving Guide.

Little House in the Vally discusses “Bliss Box” Finale!

Faithful with a Few shares How to Create a Budget – Setting Goals

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff thinks I’m Behind the Times.

Nerdwallet asks Why Do Banks Offer 0% Balance Transfers?

Mrs. Frugal explains Why I’m Done Obsessing Over Debt.

Narrow Bridge teaches us How to Increase Revenue and Cut Costs When Starting a Small Business.

Young and Thrifty has an Ode to Promo Codes.

The Car Negotiation Coach asks GAP Insurance, Do You Need It?

Money Crashers offer the Financial Benefits of Quitting Smoking.

Frugal Confessions reminds us that Balance is Key in Life and in Budgeting.

The Millionaire Nurse teaches us How to Influence Someone.

Money Green Life has an Eztrader Review.

Retirement Investing Today wonders if the British Pound is Undervalued.

Invest it Wisely introduces Andrew Hallam: The Millionaire Teacher.

Money Beagle shares Three Ways to Control Impulse Spending.

Saving Money Today discusses Saving Money at the County Fair.

Not Made of Money reveals the 7 Best Ways to Start Preparing Financially for Christmas Now.

Financially Poor discloses The Path To Financial Freedom: Preservation.

Free From Broke reminds us that A Roth IRA Isn’t Always Better Than A Traditional IRA.

Sweating the Big Stuff addresses the question How Long Do You Have to Act Poor Before You’re Rich.

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