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Be sure to take time to Facebook Share, Tweet, or Google + your favorite article from the MH4C Writers Challenge.

Next week  I’ll be totaling up the social media love and declaring a winner.  May 14th is your last day to vote.  Remember, there are cash prizes for all the writers, so I’m sure they would appreciate your support.

How do you vote?

That’s simple.  Just click on the link to your favorite article (below).  The page will show up with three buttons to the right of the title.  Every FB Share, Tweet, or Google + will be considered a vote.

Here’s an easy-to-access list of the articles posted as part of the writers challenge:

  1. Finding Blessings in Unexpected Places
  2. How We Save 50-80% on our Grocery Budget Each Month
  3. The Money Diet
  4. Barn Building and the Challenge of Too Much
  5. Lessons Learned from Reducing a House Full of Items to 6 Suitcases
  6. Time, Talents, and Treasure – Does God Own it All?
  7. How to Make Money by Adopting a Highway
  8. What to do When You’re Afraid to Give
  9. What am I Teaching My Kids About Money?
  10. Why Going into Debt for an Adoption is the Right Thing to Do


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