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Update: I’m not currently accepting unsolicited guest posts.  I will only publish guest posts from people within my social media network.

Thanks for your interest in submitting an article to MH4C.  I am happy to publish well written, original articles related to personal finance.  If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please read through the following instructions.

What are the benefits of writing a guest post?

Guest posting is a great way for you to introduce yourself to MH4C readers.  It provides a platform to share some of your thoughts and ideas on the topic of personal finances.

If you are a fellow blogger you also have an opportunity to get a link back to your site.  Thus, potential readers are introduced to your writing.

How does the guest post benefit readers?

I am happy to have guest posts because I think it introduces some fresh content from a new perspective.  Many of you have so much to offer, so I’m giving you that chance.

Who can write a guest post?

Anyone.  You don’t need to have your own blog.  You just need a story and possibly an opinion about something.

Will you use my guest post?

I will review your guest post.  While I would like to include as many posts as possible, if I do not use your post I will send you an email and you will be welcome to find another blog to publish your article.

The following criteria could cause me not to use your post:

  • The content is not factual.
  • The content has affiliate links.
  • The content is not original (either in content or thought).
  • The article is written poorly and you seem to be more concerned about links than quality.
  • The article is not something appropriate for a Christian audience.
  • The content is not something I want to share with my readers.
  • The topic is not related to this blog.

While I don’t have to agree with you, I do need to know that your points are well thought out and clearly presented.

Will you edit my article?

Most articles will probably undergo some minor revisions.  The most common revisions include changing the title, adding subtitles, adding/editing hyperlinks, and reducing the length of paragraphs.  If there is no image, I may add an image.

Can I re-publish the article on my own site?

After a month you can republish the article on your own site.  When you do, please include the following:

This article was originally published at Money Help For Christians – with a link back to the article.

General writing guidelines

Since I’m hoping to get some non-blogger submission (and yes, I love submissions from fellow bloggers) I thought I would include a short how-to on writing for the web.

  • Aim for an article between 500 – 800 words.
  • Ask an interactive question at the end of the post.
  • Use subtitles to break up the post.
  • Keep paragraphs relatively short – less than 10 sentences.
  • ‘How to’ and ‘10 ways to’ posts are typically well received.
  • To increase the traffic, you might want to  Tipd, PFbuzz, Twitter the article.

How do I submit a guest post?

Once you have written your post please email it to me mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please submit your post as a word document or notepad html format (preferred).

When you submit your article please include a 1-3 sentence byline.  Your byline can include up to two links – typically your site home page and a subscription link.