Why Is Everyone Writing Good Articles This Week? Roundup

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If you like weekly roundups, you’ll love this one.  If, on the other hand, you think these things are a waste of your time, you’d better skip this one.

Somehow this week I read a lot of articles that I really enjoyed.  Either everyone is writing better, or I’m lowering my standard :).  Let’s hope it is the former.

Articles I Enjoyed Reading This Week

Couple Money warns that we should Never Lend Money to Your Family and Friends!  I never tell people that until they become my friends.  Otherwise, I think it would be so much harder to make friends in the first place.

MH4C congratulates PT Money as he Quit His Day Job.  The reason I congratulate him is because he is now working for himself with his online business.

A fellow staff writer at Christianpf wrote 5 Frugal Tips to Save You Money.  In that article, Jason links to his own post 6 Ways To Find Free Money.  A few weeks ago, I read that post and found $39 for myself.

Cash Money Life claims It’s Never Too Early to Teach Children Good Money Habits.  I’m having trouble with my 9 month old as she isn’t quite grasping the concept of a reversed mortgage, but we’ll keep working on her.  Perhaps Ryan’s kids are just smarter than mine.

Bucksome Boomer shares What Health Care Reform Means to My Family.  She puts a face to this massive thing we call health care reform.  By the way, you’ll notice that I’ve been silent on the topic.  The reason is I already know that you don’t want to know what I have to say about the topic.  It seems like most Americans don’t want to listen to what a Canadian has to say about it.

Stew at Gather Little by Little asks Can I trust my church with my money?  If you can’t, it’s time to ask what can you trust to your church?  Seems like a church community must be built on the foundation of mutual trust.

Jim at Bargaineering gives an Explanation of the SEC Charges against Goldman Sachs.  I used to have some financial product through Goldman Sachs so I found this interesting.

In his post Five Upcoming Tax Hikes and What They Mean to You, Joe warns us that long term capital gains taxes will be increasing from 15% to 20%.  Does the saying “what goes up must come down” apply to taxes?

Seth Godin talks about How to buy a house .  He shares a refreshing perspective on the topic.

Fiscal Geek says Stop Obsessing Over Your Credit Score.  Thanks to Kevin at Out Of Your Rut for that fantastic article.  I like the premise of this post because if you do the right things financially, (often) your credit score will follow behind just like an obedient dog.

Brad at Enemy of Debt has a new theme (check it out) and is asking if you are Frugal or Just Cheap.  In case you want to know, I’d probably be more cheap than frugal – but I’m trying to reform my ways.

As I continued my tour through the Yakezie blogs, I liked what I read by Ryan at Planting Dollars.  This week he shared Two Jobs Every Person Should Try Before Growing Up.

JoeTaxpayer talks about using a Real estate agent.  This post was part of a Money Maven joint writing project.

Mike at Green Panda Treehouse gives some great guidance on investing for beginners. If you are new to investing, you should check it out.


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Alright.  I’m done.  Have a great weekend.


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      Our goal is that she will be a professional certified accountant by 9. I just hope we are not track. Not! I think kids should be kids.

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