Why I’m Quitting Full-time Blogging

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On Sunday, May 19th, it was officially announced that our family is going to be moving to Billings, Montana, where I’ll be working as the full-time minister for the Billings Church of Christ.

As a result, I’ll no longer be a full-time blogger or full-time missional entrepreneur.


On the one hand, I have absolutely loved full-time blogging.  It has been such a blast working for myself. The hours have been exceptional. My boss is fabulous. The vacation time is outrageous. The pay is phenomenal. I’ve been able to take long lunches and play with my kids.  I’ve been able to visit a bunch of places around the world.

But the whole time I’ve been blogging, I’ve realized that I’m passionate about doing something deeper and more meaningful.

I love teaching the Word of God.  Our church here in Cheyenne has been very supportive by allowing me to teach frequently.  Still, I’ve always hungered to teach and preach more frequently.  I kept identifying with Jeremiah who stood face to face with the difficulty of his call, and yet he said that his word is like a fire in his bones – a fire that cannot be contained (Jer. 20:9).

Ministry is hard work.  When you walk closely with people, you see beyond the facade that they show the world.  You see true hurt, pain, and struggle. You see all the ways the Devil is working in the lives of people.  Still, ministry to the people of God is absolutely necessary.

The truth is that full-time blogging seemed a little too self serving. (This is not a judgement on any other full-time blogger.  We’re all uniquely gifted and uniquely called.)

Blogging is about much more than simply writing articles.  There is a lot of behind the scenes things that a person can do to help improve the popularity, rank, and advertising on his or her site.  The problem is that I had absolutely zero motivation to do any of those things.  I was already making more than enough money to provide for my family, and I couldn’t get motivated to earn more money and to keep building my blog bigger and bigger. It just felt silly.

Over the last year, I’ve received a ton of emails from readers talking about how “I’m living the dream”.  The problem is that I’ve never thought life is about living our dream, but about glorifying God.  In the last few months, I’ve done a lot of praying and discerning the will of God.  In the end, one question has been guiding my decision: what is the best possible way I can glorify God?  In my case, the answer was not full-time blogging.

In the end, I decided that I could accept a full-time ministry position and continue writing on my blogs.  This was an important realization because I think a lot of good has come from the articles I’ve written on this blog.  The rest of the stuff was to allow me to support my family.  However, with a paycheck in hand, I can just focus on articles and ignore the rest.  Ultimately, this seems like the way God can use me best in the service of his Kingdom.

How will things change here at MH4C?

Likely, you won’t notice any change at all.

I have committed to making my ministry a priority so there might be dates that I don’t get an article done – and I’m fine with that.  However, all the things that I’ll drop from my blogging schedule will likely be behind the scenes things that you wouldn’t notice any way.


  1. Michael Aquino says

    Hey Craig
    Normally I would not comment about a brother leaving one ministry to move on to another but there is one thing that was missing from your blog. I did not hear the part where you prayerfully asked the Lord if you should move on or that he told you to go. This clarity of mission must only come from Him and that will determine the confidence needed to complete the new mission. If we move on to a mission because we think it is better or if we approach it with the attitude that “it doesn’t matter where we serve as long as we are serving the Lord he will bless it” we could be in sin. If God is the Lord of our lives then we relinquish our will and seek out his so that we will have perfect clarity as to what his will for our lives is. That clarity will give us the courage of a rhino on the charge because we know that we know that we know that The One True Lord has spoken into our lives and commissioned us specifically. I hope this helps you to confirm your move. I will be praying for you and your family that God will give you clarity wherever you go. Keep it simple
    Michael A

    • says

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      There is a time when I would have agreed with your assessment on how a person determines the will of God. However, over the last year I’ve spent a lot of time praying and studying about the topic and believe that there are decisions we make by asking ‘what is the best way I can glorify God in my current situation?’. In prayer I asked God to give me wisdom and pure motives. We look in (our gifts), look out (how to best serve others), and look up (how to glorify God). Anything that we chose to do that that honors those three elements is pleasing to God and is his will for our lives.
      I’d need some convincing exegetical proof before I agreed with this statement – “If we move on to a mission because we think it is better or if we approach it with the attitude that “it doesn’t matter where we serve as long as we are serving the Lord he will bless it” we could be in sin”.
      A book that has influenced me in this line of thinking (in addition to the Bible) is Decision Making and the Will of God by Garry Friesen.

  2. Gayle McLaughlin says

    I have enjoyed your blog for many months. I applaud your decision to go into full-time ministry. You won’t be sorry for following God’s call in a new way. You inspire me. Gayle

  3. Tim Hall says

    Craig, may God bless you in your work as a full-time preacher of the gospel. Having done such work for a number of years, I can identify with the “fire in the bones” drive. You will do well, no doubt, as long as you walk with God. Thanks, too, for the financial insights you have provided. I’ve linked to your articles on several occasions, and hope others have been blessed by your work as I have.

  4. says

    I have enjoyed your emails in the short time I’ve been on your mailing list. Looking forward to your next phase! I have a question stemming from your last email/post: I never thought of Blogging as a means of income? Can you send me a little of your experience and how that works? I am a full time pastor of a small church and maintain a 3/4 time job to help provide. We live in an expensive part of the country, live simply, and still my wife has to work (mostly for health benefits)… I don’t know if God would have me do this, BUT, for my own knowledge, I would be curious how this has worked for you as you have been able to support your family through it!

  5. says

    No judgement here. I pray you are mightily blessed as you answer His call in a new location and in a new way. Continue to touch others for His Kingdom. Blessings, Brother.

  6. Wes Smith says

    We have enjoyed the blog and look forward to more articles in the future (even if they are less frequent). We are very thankful you are entering full-time ministry again. The Billings Church of Christ and the community there will be blessed by your service. We will continue to pray for you and your family during the change.

  7. JD says

    I couldn’t be more pleased that you are following your desire to serve and glorify our Lord in this manner. Be sure and give us periodic updates, ok?

  8. Gabe says

    You will be missed here, but the blessing of your family and your gifts will be strongly felt in the Kingdom in Montana.
    I am excited for you guys as you move into this next chapter of life. We will have to bump into each other from time to time at the camps in Yellowstone.
    Your wisdom through blogging will continue to be a great asset, challenge and an event to be looked forward to as you make a shift in priority in your life.

  9. Praveen Aaron says

    Dear Craig,
    Personally I have been blessed with your insights on finances and did send my comments from time to time. I have indicated to you that I am a freelance Bible Teacher and an evangelist and doing ministry for the last 35 years in India. Never traveled outside my country. You have ministered to me well. Thank you for all your teachings.

    If the Lord called you and has a plan for your life, He will let you know. Please do persue your desire to serve Him the way you understood and glorify the Lord. But at any time you get discouraged or get confused allow the Lord to clarify His call on your life. It is God’s initiative and purpose that will keep you going. May the Lord be with you. Praveen.

  10. says

    I’m really excited for you, Craig, and for the people of Billings, MT. Your writing has had a great influence on me. I look forward to hearing more about this next chapter in your life. Blessings to you and your family as you transition to Montana.

  11. Don Reeves says

    If you happen to run into an old Coast Guard Montana preacher buddy of mine named Greg King, say “hi” for me.
    Don Reeves
    USAF Little Rock AFB
    Now living in Nashville, TN

  12. says

    Congrats on your next adventure Craig… Not only are you answering God’s calling, but you’ll come out ahead financially as well by juggling the job and blogging at the same time!

  13. Mary says

    Congratulations, Craig, on the new chapter of your life & will hope that you include the changes in your upcoming posts.

  14. says

    Understandable, a calling is something so hard to refuse. At least you’d still get to blog and enjoy both things that you love. That said, congratulations on your new career in Christ! May God prosper you more and your flock.

  15. Kendra says

    I read your blog occasionally and have enjoyed your articles as I’m always interested in personal finance and am also a member of the church. My brother in law, Russell Epperson, is the minister at the Lewiston Church of Christ in Lewistown, Montana, just a couple of hours from Billings. I will forward your article to him, as he is always excited to hear of additional help in the Montana mission field. Best of luck with your move and new position.

  16. The Eppersons says

    Craig, we are excited to know that you are coming to the great state of Montana to help share the Gospel with others. My husband and I moved here 2 years ago from Tennessee after visiting here, helping with a VBS, and seeing the need for laborers in the field up here. My husband is the preacher for the Lewistown COC (we are located right smack dab in the middle of the state). We recently stayed overnight with Bill & Shirley Gobin (of Billings) and love them dearly. The brethren up here are few and far between, spread out all over the state, but we stick together and work together for a grand purpose–we’re truly family. Looking forward to meeting you and we pray that the transition goes smoothly!

  17. says

    Hey Craig, I stumbled onto this blog doing some research on Christian Personal Finance blogs and I just wanted to say, hats off to you for making this decision. From reading on how you landed on that decision, I’m certain that this is God’s will for you.

    It’s really matter of the heart and faith. I, on the other hand, am in full-time ministry, but I’m venturing into blogging to support my family. I had a similar struggle and wrestle as you described in this post, but for me 1 Tim. 5:8 that says, if I don’t support my family, I’m denying my faith and am worse than a unbeliever just did it for me.

    My struggle was thinking that I’m not being faithful to God in trusting that he will provide and starting a blog seemed like I was taking matters into my own hands like King Saul. And the other school of thought was that God has provided a way for me so I need to embrace it and go with it, which is blogging. How do you know which is God’s will?

    Well, I still can’t say that I’m 100% sure that starting a blog is God’s will, but I’m just going to step out in faith and be prayerful and careful with each step in this venture. Like you, I just want to glorify God is everything I do. Look forward to coming back to this blog and reading your other posts. Thanks.

    • says

      I can completely relate with your struggle. I do believe that sometimes the only way to determine God’s will is by starting a project or endeavor. God’s never had a problem communicating his will if he has something very specific he does or does not want you to do. I think starting the blog is a wise and faithful decision. If God wants you to move in another direction he’ll make it abundantly clear.
      All the best with your blogging.

  18. says

    Congratulations Craig! I have enjoyed your articles and dediction to the space. The statement “living the dream or glorifying God” is worth pondering. Thank you for you the assistance when asked. Best wishes on your new assignment.

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