Why I Don’t Eat Canned Meat | Borrowing & Slavery Follow-up

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I was recently reading a new blog I just started following, and in one of the posts, he said bloggers need to emphasize things they don’t do.

I think that’s great advice.  By letting you know what this blog is not, you can get a better understanding of what it is.

What’s Wrong With Craig?

Sometimes I think the best way to describe me is that I am a blogger who obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed – every day.  In that, I mean that sometimes when I’m behind the computer, I release my critical self into the wild.

Most of my ministry is seasoned with extra portions of compassion.  I sit non-judgmentally as I listen to people talk about their faith crises, marriage problems, and family issues.  I study the Bible with those who are seeking to find God.  I encourage, I pray, I promote the spiritual wellbeing of those I meet.  Many times I deal with people in very gentle and fragile stages of life.

The way I am in ministry is very, very different than the guy you read on this website.

But, deep down, I’m a critical thinker.  I like to be the guy who challenges everything.  I think one of the reasons I became a Bible teacher was to spare others from having me in their classes.  I ask too many questions.  Still, I do my best, by the grace of God, not to be critical of people.  But I like to challenge notions and assumptions.  I want to be sure what I hold to be true is in fact true.

As a result, when I get in front of the computer, I release my repressed critic.  I’m actually a very introverted person who avoids controversy like the plague.  However, through the blogging venue, I really want to help us more fully understand what the Bible has to teach us about finances.  Sometimes it is so hard to differentiate between cultural pressure and biblical influences, so we need to challenge ourselves.

What MH4C Won’t Do

I won’t regurgitate the same teachings that you’ve heard for years.  I don’t eat canned meat, and I don’t think you should be forced to eat it either.

I guess I figure if you want to know what Dave Ramsey thinks about something, you can listen to Dave.  If you want to know what Crown Financial Ministries thinks about something – go and ask them.   There is a very valuable and important place for those ministries, but I’m just not sure they need a clone website that says the exact same things.  So, I challenge common assumptions (to be brutally honest) so I can grow and understand things more fully.  You, my readers, are a refiner’s fire who help me formulate my thoughts and my ideas.  I also challenge thoughts so you can grow and come to a fuller understanding of what the Bible says.

I recently wrote an article called Is the borrower really slave to the lender

I loved the discussion generated through the comments (even though I think everyone mostly disagreed with me:) ).  Since I can’t get good resources here in Alotau, I’m going to use you,my readers, as a resource to help me grow.  This week we’re going to talk in more detail about this very important topic – is the borrower slave to the lender? 

I don’t want you to think this is going to be a crusade or an obsession of mine, but I think this is an important topic so I want to circle around and touch on this discussion one more time.  While I have the attention of some of the best minds on the web, I want you to help me refine my thoughts on the topic of the Bible, borrowing, and lending.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to officially christen the first Bible, Borrowing, and Lending focus week.  This week we’ll have several posts on this topic, so I’m looking forward to reading your feedback.  I promise not to harp on this topic beyond this week, but I’m really looking forward to learning more on these issues. 

  1. Tuesday: Borrower Is Slave To Lender | The Point
  2. Wednesday: Should Lending Be Abolished
  3. Thursday: When Do You Become Debt Free?

Until, tomorrow …


  1. says

    I forgot to add: that I don’t lend. If I feel like I’d be burdening my family by giving, I just say no {in regards to someone asking to borrow money}. But I give – expecting no repayment. Looking forward to someone else’s opinion.

  2. says

    “But, deep down, I’m a critical thinker. I like to be the guy who challenges everything.”
    - I think I like this Cragi better!

  3. Donna says

    I will not lend, but I will gladly give. We are helping our son get on his feet. He has said he wants to pay us back but was told no. It is our blessing to be able to help him. Lending to him would change everything and I do not want that.

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