When it’s Your Garbage, Claim it!

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I’ve both heard and shared a few excuses in my lifetime.

The beauty of the excuse is that you rarely need to take responsibility for your actions.  In fact, not only do you get to brush off responsibility, but you also have the opportunity to point fingers elsewhere.

With a well formed excuse, you are free of obligation, free of punishment, and free of accountability.

But, you’ll forever be enslaved to your ability to blame.

As I was watching TV the other day, someone was talking about the fact that there are not enough jobs because government is not doing its job.  A while back, I was emailing someone who couldn’t cut cell phone expenses because they were ‘necessary’.  I’ve overheard people complaining about how their boss is ruining their lives.  I’ve heard people say, “I don’t have a choice.”

Each of these individuals are merely shifting blame.

The issue I’m discussing is one that’s been pestering humanity since the creation.

“Adam, why did you eat the fruit?”

“Because she told me to.”

“Eve, why did you eat the fruit?”

“Because the snake told me to.”

Indeed, life is complicated for many of you.  Without doubt, some of you have been dealt a bad hand.  Some of you have challenges, I’m sure, that are extremely difficult.  Yes, I do believe that life is not fair and some of us encounter situations much more difficult than others.

However, I think we could all benefit with a healthy dose of garbage claiming.

Ask yourself – What have I done to contribute to my situation?  This could be by actively making decisions that have lead to your current state.  Or perhaps it is more likely that your passive refusal to do anything about your situation was the decision you made.

  • Do you have credit card debt?  Where should you focus your energy?  Is your time well spent blasting the credit card company because of their high interest rates, or is your time better spent paying off your debt?
  • Are you struggling with a low income?  Where should you focus your energy?  Seething over how you were mistreated by your boss?  Criticizing the government for not creating more jobs?
  • Do you run out of money at the end of every month?  Where should you focus your energy?  Complaining about the shortage of benefits you’re receiving?  Perhaps you could focus on income generation or creating a successful budget.

In a previous post, I talked about the liberation of choice.  Regardless of what has happened in your life, you always have the freedom to choose your response.

Stop blaming others for your garbage and claim it.  Then get to work on fixing your current situation.


  1. says

    I know a bunch of people that love to shift blame and am guilty myself of doing it from time to time. I feel like a lot more would get accomplished if people would just take responsibility for their actions. If they don’t they never learn and continue in a endless cycle.

    • says

      I agree that much more would get done if people would take responsibility with their actions. I’ve seen it in my life. When I give myself permission to gripe and complain then I get less done and feel worse. However, when I seek corrective measures things always seem to work out faster.

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