What to do TODAY for TOMORROWS plans

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Don’t forget to look ahead.  Ask today questions you wish you had asked yesterday.

Look ahead. Dream. Plan.  Then put those things on paper.

Here is an example:

Topic Question: Do I want my kids to go to college?

Depending on how one answers the question there are implications for today.

     If you answer no to the question then forget it, live it up, spend your money on whatever you want.

     If you answered yes to the question then you better start doing something about it TODAY.

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If you want your kids to go to college this impacts other decisions such as:

  1. Teaching your children to handle money: It does not matter if you plan to help your kids with the bill or not, but they need to be taught today to handle money so that whatever help they do get will be a blessing to them.
  2. Encourage your child to get a part-time job: People rarely go to college for nothing. A little sacrifice now on your children’s part will go a long way towards preparing them for college.
  3. Open a college savings fund like a ESA. Those few dollars every month will make a big difference in the future.

Sit down today and think ahead. What does the future look like for you and what decisions can you make today that will help you start putting those ideas into action?