Visit Currency and get a C. Ford Overdose

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Currency is a website that was just launched which targets those who are in their 20s and 30s. 

What’s nice about the project is that much of the writing is done by well known personal finance writers from around the web.  If you have a favorite author, he or she is likely writing article at Currency.

Here are some details from the Currency about page:

We hope our articles and courses illuminate, entertain, and help out when you’re making important financial decisions and planning your future, and when you’re having fun, too. With Social Currency, we hope you’ll share some of your shopping experiences with your social network, so you can help your friends become smarter consumers.

Currency is the work of a large number of people at American Express and Federated Media, along with a talented team of writers and our management team.

I’m guessing that because of the involvement of so many talented writers, this new site will quickly be a leading financial website.  But, that’s just my guess :).

Follow Currency on Twitter (@AmericanExpress) or with the hash tag #Currency.

By the way, I’m also one of the writers at Currency.  If you want to overdose reading my articles, here’s what I’ve written so far:


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    I will have to share this with my son. I know that he will be happy to get this information. It is nice that you are helping so many people through your site. You have help me several times and I can not help but tell people about your site. I hope they do well, too.

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