Virtual Assistant Needed + MH4C Weekly Roundup

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Update: Oct 11th, 2010 – I am no longer accepting applications for this position.

I’m hunting for a virtual assistant, and before looking through Odesk, I thought I’d reach out to the MH4C community.

I am seeking an individual who will help provide some logistical support to MH4C.  Tasks include emailing, submitting webpage information, and general computer/internet work. I will email a list of weekly tasks.

Total hours would be somewhere between 2-5 hours each week.  You set your own schedule (with a few tasks that must be done on certain days).


  • Computer literate with a basic understanding of Word and Excel.  Easily able to navigate online.
  • Own or access to a personal computer with internet.  Must be able to download a few programs to use.
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Willingness to learn new skills

If you are interested, we’ll discuss compensation based on experience and skill level.  This job is ideal for a high school student, college student, or someone looking for a little extra spending money.

If you’re interested, email me at mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com

And now, my weekly roundup …

How to Avoid Christmas Debt Without Becoming a Grinch … 12 Great Tips.  Poor Grinch.  He just gives Christmas such a bad name.  Anyone else feel sorry for him?

The Save 10% for Retirement Rule Is Stupid.  Yes, Paul is on the right track here.  I think I’ve tried to express the same idea before, but perhaps I’ve not done it as clearly.  But, when you use the word ‘stupid’, I guess everyone knows where you stand on the topic.

Retirement Is About More Than Just Money.  Yes.  And life is about more than money.  Finances is about more than money.  A developing pet peeve is when people make arguments simply based on what saves more money or makes more money.  IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY (I would use the word ‘stupid’ here to make my point, but that might not be appropriate).

Beware Investing Gimmicks.  If you don’t understand it, avoid it.

Start Preparing for Christmas Now.  Ok.  Just a minute ….  Alright, I’m back. I’m now officially preparing for Christmas.

Retirement Planning When You are in your 20s.  This week I shared my thoughts on retirement planning, so I thought I’d give you a different perspective.

Basics Of The Smith Manoeuvre.  Don’t worry if you are not a Canadian; you don’t need to know what a Smith Maneuver is.

Plastic Wars: Credit or Debit? If you’ve read MH4C for more than a day, you know where I stand.  If you don’t, then you’ll need to keep reading or dig through my archives. I love mysteries.

Tips for Saving on Children’s Winter Clothing.  I’m disappointed that the way we save money on winter clothing is not on the list – move to the tropics.  Seriously, our clothing budget is like $50 per year for our whole family.  I love PNG.

How to buy ETFs for less.  Get ready to think if you’re going to read this post.  Here’s how I get ETFs for less – I buy no-fee EFTs through Charles Schwab.

Here’s a Long-Term Investing Strategy.  My strategy is this – when I get money each month, I invest it.  Beyond that, the rest is confidential.

A Creative Way To Make Money Online.  Last month I shared three not creative ways (make money blogging, make money writing, make money selling eBooks) so if you’re looking for creativity then …

Illogical debt.  Yes.  Sometimes people do dumb stuff.

Should Married Couples Have Joint Bank Accounts.  I have three thoughts on the topic.  Yes.  Yup. And Ya.


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    Thanks for including my article, Craig! I used the word “stupid” to catch people’s attention. But honestly it really is stupid unless you fit the parameters exactly (like, you are 20 and starting to save for retirement with nothing saved yet AND you’ll need the exact same income you have now during retirement – OR you’re older now but you started at 20 and everything else is still true for you). Kinda narrows down the number of people that advice applies to, doesn’t it? :)

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