Upcoming Series: Five Financial Decisions Every Young Person Should Make

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Next week June 22 – 26th, 2009 I am going to be posting Monday – Friday that week on financial issues pertaining to young people ages sixteen – college senior.  Though this series is directly at teens, parents of teens might also find this information helpful.  Not a part of that age group?  Check back and offer some of your advice and insights in the comments section.

Here’s why I wrote the series:

  • We set important financial habits during these ages.  Habits that are easier to properly form than to break.
  • We tend to think we are young and thus financially invincible.  Surely, we cannot spend now what we cannot make later, right?
  • Our financial standing requires getting and staying ahead.  Debt is the most common hindrance to a good financial plan.  Many younger people can stop debt issues before they even begin.

Here are the five topics we will cover in the series:

  1. Decide you will pay for and save as much for college cost as possible.
  2. Decide to marry someone who has a clue about money.
  3. Decide to work at least during the summer if not during the school year.
  4. Decide to buy a car with cash.
  5. Decide to rent until you have at least 20% down for your first home.

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