Transforming Your Financial Diet

Limit your spending. Simplify your living. Increase your giving. Experience joy.

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Financial Transformation

Are you trying to figure out what God is calling you to do with your money?

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions:


How should we adjust our giving when our income increases?
How do we balance the need to provide for our family, leave an inheritance for our children, and store up treasures in heaven?
How much should we spend on ourselves, and how much should we give to others?

Many Christians are plagued by these important questions regarding their finances.

As people earn more, accumulate more, and spend more, some Christians are beginning to sense that God wants them to find an alternative way to deal with their wealth. They want to find a path that does not require them to participate in the materialism of this culture. They want a way that is simpler.

Is it possible that God is calling you to transform your finances?

Let me quickly tell you a story about the average American family.

The average American family earns about $43,000 per year. They struggle to live off of that amount and often wonder if they can even afford to give anything. As the years pass and their income increases, so do their expenses. When they get their next paycheck, they’ve already got somewhere to spend it. They spend their lives building, upgrading, and accumulating.

All the while, the book, The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience, tells us, “The richer we become, the less we give in proportion to our incomes.”

Can you relate to any of the following scenarios?

Last Sunday, Missionary Steve visited our church. He was raising support for his missionary work in Thailand. We really wanted to help him, but we just don’t have the money right now.
Last night, a college student was sharing her financial struggles. She is such a sweet girl and we really wanted to help her, but we just don’t have the money right now.
Last week, a representative from a children’s home called us. Their ministry sounds so important, but we just don’t have the money right now.

It’s really hard to have anything left to give.

There’s the kids’ sports, the cable, the grocery money, the college fund, the retirement fund … on and on the list goes. For some people, spending is a kind of hunger they find hard to completely satisfy. They find themselves in a vicious cycle of earning and spending.

Something just feels off. Can you sense it?

What if you could get to a point in life when you felt like you had enough income?
What if you simplified your living so you could live off of 90%, 80%, or 70% of your income?
What if you were able to feel in complete control of your money?
What if you could spend your time finding missionaries to support instead of searching for 0% credit card balance transfer offers?

Think about the many positive ways you could help minister to people if you could get your finances under control.

Transforming Your Financial Diet teaches you how to limit your spending and simplify your living so you can fully participate in the joy of giving.

Who is this book for?

Do you have a sense or a calling that God wants you to do more with the money you’ve been entrusted? If you’ve been seeking something to challenge you to take a step of faith with your finances, this book is for you.

You’ll need to think of this as more than a book. It’s a call for a complete lifestyle redesign, and it is an opportunity to revolutionize how you handle money.

The book is strong, bold, and challenging in its call.

It is for:

Christians who believe God is calling them to do something more significant with their income.
Christians who aren’t afraid to be challenged by the radical call of Jesus.
Christians who want to enjoy the abundant blessings of God while being a vessel to financially serve others.
Christians who think their finances are so bland that their checkbook couldn’t identify them as a Christian.
Christians who believe that prosperity is both a blessing and a burden.
Christians who are willing to wrestle with their beliefs and assumptions about money.

The goal of Transforming Your Financial Diet is to show Christians a process in which they can enjoy the bountiful financial blessings from God, while being a vessel that blesses others.

About the Author

Craig Ford Hi, my name is Craig Ford. I’m the book’s author. This book has been in the works for over a decade. The actual writing process has spanned almost two years. After all this thinking and writing, I feel like I’m just touching the tip of the iceberg. You see, I live in a nation that is financially poor. I’m continually asking myself if I’m being a good steward. Over a year ago, my wife and I had a liberating experience when we realized God has gifted us with a life of frugality and simplicity. I believe that God wants me to share some of these lessons I’ve learned about simplicity and generosity.

This book combines my background in Biblical studies (Masters of Divinity) and my interest in personal finances (owner of

What’s the Book About?

Part I: The Money Foundation

Money plays an important role in North American culture. In a culture that is saturated with money, how do you ensure that you’re serving God and not money?

As the book begins, you’ll learn a bold and unconventional way to view money. Almost everything you do with money flows out of what you believe about it.

Your assumptions about money will likely be challenged. Hopefully this challenge will transform what you believe about money.

You’ll learn that money is a tool that can be used in service to the Kingdom of God.

You will be encouraged to ask yourself, what does God want me to do with what I’ve been entrusted? There is little value spending your energy thinking about what God is calling other people to do with their finances.

Are you using the gifts from God in a way that would be considered faithful? The goal of Christian stewardship is to act in a way that’s in line with everything God has entrusted you.

In Part I, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of placing personal limits, barriers, and boundaries on your personal finances
  • The dangers associated with lifestyle inflation
  • How to manage your money in a way that is different than the world around you
  • To enjoy the bountiful financial blessings from God, without guilt, while being a vessel that blesses others
  • How to evaluate when you’re serving God or serving money
  • Relevant questions to help you make Godly financial decisions that are not trumped by money concerns
  • Why money is a common temptation to humankind
  • The ways money can impact our discipleship
  • The importance of stewardship
  • How not to judge other people’s financial situations

Part II: The Seven Steps to Simple Living and Generous Giving

In this section of the book, you’ll be introduced to some practical and easy-to-implement strategies to help you effectively simplify your living. In the process of simplifying your lifestyle, you’ll simultaneously create opportunities for generous giving. There are dozens of practical tips to equip you with what you’ll need to radically transform your finances.

Here are the seven steps outlined in this section.

STEP #1: Take Inventory of Your Blessings

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to look to God and see what he is doing in your life. All of life is responsive to the work that God is doing in this world.

STEP# 2: Spend Less Than You Earn

Simple living will allow you to spend less than you earn. This is the most difficult component to learn, but it is crucial for a simple and generous life.

STEP #3: Establish an Eternal Perspective

Your perspective is extremely influential. How you look at your finances influences how you use and invest your finances.

STEP #4: Determine How Much is Enough

You need to develop some type of a system in which you can determine when you have enough. Contentment is nearly impossible when you don’t think you have enough.

STEP #5: Determine Portions and Set Limits

Once you’ve determined how much is enough, you can now successfully limit your spending portions.

STEP #6: The Stuff Purge: Redefine Rubbish and Find Truly Valuable Items

Spending money isn’t bad. The problem is that too often people spend money and later say, “Why did I ever buy that?” You’ll find out how to avoid unnecessary purchases.

STEP #7: Pursue a Profession that Fits Your Call and Your Mission

Your calling is an absolutely important element of your financial diet. Be equipped to determine how you will approach generosity with your time or with your money.

In Part II, you’ll learn:

  • To see and identify the blessings you have from God
  • About the The Money Gap and why you should live on less than you earn
  • Ways to establish an eternal perspective
  • How to balance the feelings of guilt and pleasure
  • Techniques for determining how much is enough
  • The value of increasing your giving by using a system called the Graduated Tithe
  • Tips for limiting what you spend while shopping
  • How the Debt Dependency Reduction Plan can help wean you from your dependence on debt
  • Tips for reducing the amount of junk you own and buy
  • Strategies for pursuing a profession that fits your call and your mission
  • How to proceed with this plan – even if you have debt
  • About The Menu for Financial Health, a creative financial plan that helps you determine financial goals

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This 63 page PDF also includes the following bonus items and worksheets:

  1. Debt Dependency worksheet
  2. Graduated Tithe worksheet
  3. Blessings Reminder List worksheet
  4. Shopping Item Limit List worksheet
  5. Recommended Books for Deeper Study

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I look forward to hearing about your adventures in simple living and generous giving.

Craig Ford

Craig Ford

P.S. You have nothing to lose as this book has a full 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, I will refund your money.

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