Transforming Your Financial Diet [Limited Time Low Pricing]

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How should Christians manage their money? How do we find a balance between giving, saving, and spending? What is God ultimately calling us to do with money?

I, like many of you, have been wrestling with these questions for a long time. These questions only intensified when I moved to Papua New Guinea, a developing nation in the South Pacific.

I was instantly forced to start answering those questions. What, I wondered, is my responsibility towards others?

How can we as Christians both enjoy the blessing of what we have while feeling the burden toward others?

Here’s what I share in the introduction of Transforming Your Financial Diet:

The world might suggest we invest in a larger house, put more toward retirement, and put our money to work for us by investing more and more. Unfortunately, this is often simply an empty pursuit – a mere exercise in chasing after a carrot. We build and we accumulate, but our distance from the carrot of wealth remains unchanged.

Ultimately, it is my assumption that Christians need solid biblical and financial advice to help them navigate through these questions. Romans 12:1-2 gives us two words on which to reflect – transform and conform. When we ask questions about our money, we cannot get our wisdom, our advice, or our financial cues from culture alone. That would be conforming to the world. Instead, we must submit our lives and wallets to Christ and allow him to transform how we use our finances. This involves a lot more than simply learning financial lessons and placing a ‘Christian’ rubber stamp over those principles.

Far too many of us, so the stats say, are making more and more money, but giving less and less. When we make more, we always manage to spend more. This exercise in futility is leading to empty lives.

That’s a pattern I challenge Christians to change.

I won’t say a lot more here about the book because on this page I describe the book’s content in a lot more details.

Last week I did a very soft re-launch of Transforming Your Financial Diet: 7 Steps to Generous Living and Simple Giving.

The book was initially available in Feb. 2011 for only 10 days. I never re-launched it again in 2011 because I wasn’t convinced it was the best it could be. I spent November and December 2011 doing a significant rewrite to the first section which is about the money foundation.

Then I knew it was time to re-launch the book.

I was struggling with the concept of Christian marketing and self promotion.

I knew I didn’t want to only make the book available for 10 days (despite the fact that it was one of my most profitable ways to launch a product) because people were asking me for the book, and I had to say no.

At the time it was re-launched, I decided I would try an experiment by dramatically reducing the price of the book (66% off) to see if I could help the book sell more (and thus have the opportunity to bless others more).

To be honest, the approach didn’t go as I had planned. Sales have been much slower than any of my other product launches.

I’ve read research to suggest that sometimes people buy a product when it costs more because they perceive it to be more valuable. I know of one person who doubled the price of his book and his sales increased.

Thus, I do think the best thing I can do to help get people to read this book is increase the price. (Counter intuitive, isn’t it?).

I plan to do that on Feb. 1st, 2012. Right now, you can get the Standard Version of Transforming Your Financial Diet (either PDF or Kindle) for $4.99.

As of Feb. 1st, I’ll increase the price to $9.99.

If you want to get the book at its discounted price, you’ll need to do that soon. If you head over to Amazon, you can get the first section of the book for free.

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