Top 5 Investments Without Any Financial Returns

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At times, we limit the word ‘investment’ to the financial field.

Any investment is contributing something with the hopes of getting a greater return.  For the purpose of this post, the return need not be in the same currency that you invested.

In fact, sometimes the greatest financial investments are the ones that don’t return anything related to money.

You can’t be a day trader in the investments below.  There are no quick gains, and each investment you make is for the long term.  By consistently investing in the right things, you’ll see massive gains over a lifetime.

The Best Investments Without Any Financial Returns

1.  Giving

Giving can be considered an investment of sorts.  It is an investment in something beyond the boundaries of our lives.  There are numerous passages that talk about the benefits, returns, and gains that come from giving.  They are returns that will not spoil, perish, or fade.  When it comes to giving to get, we must all remember that getting shouldn’t be our primary giving motivation, and the currency we receive is almost certain to be different from the currency we give.

2.  Children

We have a responsibility to our children.  We are to teach them and mold them.  The responsibility of religious education can never be outsourced to either school or church.  It happens in the home. Lessons of virtue, purity, honesty, and integrity are learned at home.  As such, we must make an investment in our children.  There are two immediate returns I can think of.  First, you’ll be fulfilling your God ordained responsibility to train up a child in the way he or she should go.  Secondly, you’ll probably have a lot of heartache over your lifetime if you neglect to invest in your children while you have the ability to influence them.

3.  Spouse

This one actually has some financial returns.  Healthy marriages are much less expensive than broken marriages.  Divorces cost thousands of dollars in direct expenses and then hundreds of thousands of dollars in indirect expenses (like purchasing a second home).  Dating, weekend trips, and vacations are probably some of the best ways to invest in your marriage.  This is not merely an investment of money, but also of time, energy, and even personal preferences.

Whatever you invest in your marriage will reap massive returns.

4.  Church

We’ve all been given different gifts that ought to be used to build up the body of Christ.  With all of life’s demands, it’s sometimes hard to do everything.  However, any investment we make in our churches is an opportunity to reap rewards in the lives of others.

5. Knowledge, Education, and Experience

Any way you can grow as a person will bring returns.  Some of those returns many bring about are financial.  However, there is a tremendous spiritual value as we are forged into the likeness of Christ through struggle.  We grow less through mountaintop experiences than we do through the valleys of life.  Experience and education help us to find the right perspective on how to deal with the challenges of life.

In life, we welcome the opportunity to grow as we know that the returns for that struggle will well be worth the investment (no matter how painful the lesson is to learn).

What other things do you invest in that don’t bring any sort of financial return?


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    I spend a lot of time and money investing in my health and fitness. In the last two years, I’ve taken up running and It has drastically reshaped my body and mind. I’ve completed multiple half-marathons and one full marathon. I was not even close to winning – so no financial return. But I’m as fit as I’ve ever been and have more energy to spend time with my family.

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