Tithing (Giving) While in Debt

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Seeking God's wisdom when faced with hard choices

The following is a question related to giving/tithing while in debt that a  reader emailed to me:

How do you balance good stewardship and putting God first – or is there a difference?

Let’s say you have gotten into a lot of debt, learned a lot of hard lessons and are doing everything possible to improve your financial situation. You have worked diligently to cut expenses wherever possible and have come up with a budget, including a certain amount to give.  As a result of debt, your budget is so tight that there is not much money, if any, left over after giving, debt, living expenses, etc.

What would you say is being a better steward of the money God gave you? (Understanding that poor stewardship may have put you in the current financial situation, but looking forward with determination, dedication, a proper focus and the understanding that less debt does not mean more spending power.)

1) Pay the amount of tithe you determined appropriate (10%, etc), even if it means making close to minimum payments on bad debt. God should be the first line in your budget, but also could mean wasting thousands of dollars towards interest.  Is this good stewardship?


2) Lowering the amount of giving in order to create an opportunity to pay off debt more quickly. This could result in saving thousands of dollars of interest, but lowers the priority of giving back to God first.  Are you robbing God?

Giving or Tithing While in Debt

First, I think God is honored by the heart with which you ask these questions.  Your question seeks to determine how your relationship with God impacts your finances.  For a person who says they were formerly a ‘poor steward,’ you are showing a healthy spiritual disposition of inquiry.  I believe God is honored by your conscientious consideration as you seek to find what pleases him.

Second, the severity of your debt may (or may not) impact your individual situation.

My response:

I believe tithing is not just a monetary practice (like paying a bill), but it is a spiritual act. Therefore, when we neglect spiritual activities it impacts our relationship with God.  Giving releases us from the heavy grip of money.  Tithing is a spiritual activity that vividly reenacts the reality that God is the owner over all things.  When you stop tithing you miss out on these spiritual blessings.

There is not a single situation in the Bible (that I am aware of) where someone was too poor to tithe.  There are, however, situations where those who were financially struggling gave.  Here are three such examples:

  1. The Widow at Zerephath (1 Kings 17:7-24).  Out of the thousands of people God could have sent Elijah to, he sent Elijah to a woman who was collecting wood to cook her last supper.  God asked the woman to act in faith because God’s strength is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor. 12:9).
  2. The Widow with two coins (Luke 21:1-4).  Continuing the theme of the widow’s generosity, here Jesus commends this woman’s action.  Surely, many of us would condemn it as poor stewardship, but Jesus speaks positively of her actions.
  3. The Macedonian Christians (2 Cor. 8:1-7).  Once again, we see this theme of commending those who give even in the midst of their poverty.  Again, the overall impression is that this is a positive – not a negative act.

Perhaps the story of the woman who anointed Jesus would be a positive illustration for us (John 13:1-7).  Here the woman’s action does not make sense to those with Jesus.  The extravagance of her gift violates common sense and mathematical sense.  In fact, one of their underlying accusations was that she was a poor steward. The money would have better been used for the poor.  Jesus explains anything done in an effort to honor him cannot not be construed as poor stewardship.  In other words, if you tithe while in debt and your tithe is a gift out of love for Christ, you need not worry that you are being a poor steward.  In fact, Jesus would congratulate you for being a good steward.

Withholding a tithe may be a spiritually unhealthy statement about God’s inability to provide.  Personally, I would rather have a longer journey out of debt while enjoying the blessings of giving.  Furthermore, I only find one scriptural reason to stop tithing – when tithing has become a burden, not a blessing, and you give out of obligation instead of joy (2 Cor. 9:7).  If you are currently in this situation, wrestle in prayer with God, study the scriptures, and trust him to show you the right pathway.

If a person did decide to postpone tithing I would suggest implementing the following guidelines:

  1. I would suggest you sit down with a respected leader in your church.  Discuss your considerations openly.  This will first provide you some feedback, and second it will provide you with some accountability.
  2. It must be done with the belief that this action is both pleasing to God and honoring to your family.  Do not stop tithing if greed or selfishness is your motivation.
  3. It must be for a short predetermined period of time.  Remind yourself that you are not forming a new habit, but instead temporarily accepting a little lack of equilibrium with the desire to get back into a normal habit of giving.
  4. Be sure you know exactly why you went into debt.  Otherwise, you will likely forgo tithing and end up further into debt.
  5. Be sure you are following a plan to get out of debt.  Don’t just quit tithing with a hope that one day you will be out of debt and able to tithe again.  Have a detailed game plan.  Otherwise you will never get out of debt and subsequently probably never resume your tithing.

To be clear, I do not suggest you stop tithing while you are trying to get out of debt.  But if you choose not to accept this advice, you need to be sure the proper boundaries are in place so that you can return as quickly as possible to practicing this spiritual discipline.

Anyone agree or even disagree? Anyone have any other thoughts or ideas for this reader?  Any other biblical stories that you think would provide some biblical insight into how we should answer this question?


  1. JT says

    There is no point in looking at spiritual issues like tithing from a legalistic manner. I too being from a non-denominational background interchangeably view tithing and giving as the same thing. When you tithe or give, it is a conscious effort to trust God for your provision. The blessings you receive from God come in many forms besides money; you can benefit from divine health for your family, a happy life etc. You have removed money from a position of power over you and submitted to God. Also, I keep reading theological arguments and legalistic doctrines talking about how the tithe was only for the priests of Israel etc. Honestly, using common sense, how can the preaching of the gospel be funded if we are not funding our own churches? When you received your salvation, it’s was through the Holy Spirit yes, but also through the faithful giving of somebody who paid for that microphone/tv broadcast/ Internet website/”free” bible that brought you the Word. I’m not in ministry, but you probably arrive at your church, drop your kids off at Sunday school into the care of church staff then enter the service to enjoy it then leave for home to enjoy your Sunday brunch. So how do you think the church you attend bought/maintains that building? The chairs, flowers, musical instruments, technology, microphones, choir gowns, printed programmes, Sunday school facilities, cleaned toilets, water, lights, full time staff in attendance etc. that you enjoy are all funded by that tithe. And yes, the full time pastor/s and his family also rely on an income from that collection plate to look after their needs, their children and possibly obligations to an elderly parent or two. The majority of pastors are living like paupers. Only a few mega church pastors have big incomes and it’s mostly from books they have written; like mega-church pastor Joel Osteen does not even earn a salary for from the collection plate as he lives off the books he has written. Many of you who have great lives probably don’t know that a pastor’s work is 7 days a week with personal counseling sessions during the week at all hours of the day and often with no regard to his personal time and other really essential services such as visiting the sick in hospital (needs car and fuel) among other endless thankless duties that they perform. So next time you begrudge that tithe, perhaps you should remember that other tithing church members are paying for you and your kids to enjoy those pastoral services. If you feel your pastor is misusing your money buy buying himself another Rolls Royce then move churches! Furthermore, the argument that tithing should be in sheep and grain is simply non-sensical. Of course at that time that was what wealth was, so for most people today in the modern world, your wealth is what you are earning at work, which in most cases is money. In rural villages in Africa they often still pay their tithes in chickens and grain which the church either distributes to widows or sells to pay for benches or repair broken windows or whatever. Those too poor to tithe in kind give of their time, perhaps half a day molding bricks for the new church hall or whatever. But more than a practical purpose to give, it’s important to remember that you can’t outgive God. If your life has taken a turn for the worse since you began tithing, consider that this could be a demonic attack meant to discourage you from doing something that will result in you being blessed. So consider engaging in spiritual warfare prayers to target difficulties. Rather than telling God to sort it out or asking why, use your God-given authority to rebuke and command the devil out of your situation. Fast and pray for breakthroughs. Google spiritual warfare for great prayers on how to fight. We are heirs of the kingdom and once we are out of the baby Christian phase, you are expected to fight in prayer against difficult problems, praying in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus spent a great amount of time commanding demons out of people’s lives and we can do the same for ourselves to practise, train and develop our faith for when we have to help others get free. Command the devil out like Jesus taught the deciples. Out of your finances, out of your home that won’t sell. This made a difference in my life when I studied this type of praying on sites like ministeringdeliverance.com. Also, don’t give the tithe like you are trying to bribe God (God I pay this tithe to get you to give me money) or trying to pay for your own sin (I sinned this week so a tithe will sort it out). Your salvation was already provided by the blood of Jesus. So examine your motives.

    Thanks Craig for a great article.

    • says

      living off off books .. wow good one. .. not really having to mention a certain pastor that takes in $600k in one weekend x4 = 2million 400k a month x 12 a year = $28 million 800k
      that is the staggering amount at that mega church.
      where does all that money Go? ok lets go to Opera and mix the church with New Age and say that is ok? now the church becomes corrupt. don’t sow there.

    • elayne says

      Began tithing off the gross 5 years ago, was able to get out of debt, cut up all credit cards, pay cash for everything and pay bills before they were due and have much money in savings. But the last six months of last year brought many business and personal financial situations that depleted my savings and while still out of debt, I have very little money in the bank and for the first time in several years, I am behind in bills. As I am still tithing off the gross, I do not understand why this is happening. My business is no longer prospering and I am losing around $2000 monthly, since November of last year. At this moment, all I have in my account to last me until the 25th of this month, when my monthly social security comes, is $700. With all the fiancial responsibilities I have, this frightening to me. I am behind on the mortgage payment, first time ever, even when I was just tithing on the net, I was never late. Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening when I am a faithful tither and on the gross?

    • Alice says

      I thank you so much for a new revelation for tithe and giving. I give and tithe for protection over my family,honouring God ,trusting Him for my life.
      The reason for my question is that l owe people and feel guilt not to pay them whilst tithing and giving. I owe banks and clothing stores. I know my mistake for being in this position. I believe that God will see me through the situation

      • Julie says

        If you tithe and have still have debt to people in your life and credit cards, then who is actually giving the money? Who sacrificed? Not you but Your lenders!! You sacrificed nothing! How dare you not pay your bills or family members! That is stealing! If you want to tithe that is honorable. But not with other people’s money.

  2. Paul says

    Hi Craig,

    My church is very clear on their stance on tithing…it is a requirement, it is the 10% that belongs to God, and not giving it to Him is the same as stealing from God. They also show videos of people who start tithing getting checks in the mail, miraculously getting money that more than compensates for their tithes. They talk about “God’s math” being beyond our understanding, and not to worry about your budget not balancing…just tithe.

    About 4 years ago, I started tithing, believing what I had been taught. I cancelled my cable, cancelled my home phone, reduced restaurant expenses, etc. I also became a member of the church at about the same time. About two years ago, I really started ‘wrestling with God’ on this issue. I have extreme credit card debt and I really felt like I should be paying off my debt with ‘gazelle-like intensity’ (as Dave Ramsey puts it). A few months ago, I felt called to stop my tithe for 3 years, and pay off my credit card debt. I felt confident that I was following God’s will.

    Recently, my pastor and I talked about several issues concerning me about our church, and the subject of tithe came up. I shared my story with him, and he said that if I do not start tithing again, that my membership with the church would be revoked. He got out the membership agreement and showed me that tithing was one of the five conditions of membership. I didn’t remember seeing that condition when I joined, but that’s probably because it wasn’t an issue with me at the time.

    So here I am, at a crossroad. Do I do what I truly believe God is telling me to do, and spend the next 3 years getting out of debt, or do I start tithing again in order for the church to not rescind my membership? I have a wife and children who love the church, and moving to a different church or letting my membership be rescinded would hurt them. I feel like I’m being forced to pay a 10% ‘membership fee’ instead of joyfully giving to God. I feel like God is ordaining my decision to reroute my tithe to debt reduction, but Man is judging and pressuring me.

    Also, does anyone else have churches that require 10% tithing as a condition of membership?

    Thank you!

    • says

      Any so-called “church” that requires members to tithe is a “church” one should stay away from. The pastor at your “church” is a false teacher. He is guilty of robbing God’s children.

      Would you rather continue submitting your family to this corruption of the gospel, or would you rather maybe upset your family some and find another church where hopefully truth will be preached?

      I’d rather my family attended NO church services than to be attending services where a false gospel is taught.

    • Coach says

      I feel any church who “forces” you to tithe needs to be subject of investigation. If you are being “forced” to tithe to your church out of guilt or a membership obligation, I truly feel it avoids the sole purpose to tithe. Yes, God says 10%, but what if I wanted to diversify my tithe as I feel God lead me to do? 5% to church, 2% to the needy on the street and 3% to Christ centered charities? I simply would RUN from a church that told me they would revoke my membership if I didn’t tithe to them and them alone.

    • says

      Go back to your church leadership, as they are teaching not from a New Testament perspective, but from a moral perspective. Under the New Testament we understand that 100% belongs to God and are not bond to the law at all. And if they come back at you with the phony Levitical priesthood jazz, explain to them in the New Testament Paul tells the Christians that they are all priests. Christ is our High Priest and his atoning death on the cross takes away the curse.


      How Apostate Church leaders intimidate & LIE about the law of tithing money.

      But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them–bringing swift destruction on themselves.

      Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute.

      In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories (they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money). Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.

      When it comes to tithing:

      Simply say: I will tithe the way anyone in the Bible tithed.

      There are only 3 people (or groups of people), in the Bible who tithed.

      1. Abraham
      2. Israelites living under the Old Testament law
      3. the Pharisees

      I will gladly tithe the way these people tithed.

      There is no scriptural example of a New Testament believer after the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – tithing or being commanded to tithe.

      If someone tells us that we should tithe like Abraham tithed – say “OK,” I will gladly tithe like Abraham tithed.

      How many times IS IT RECORD IN THE BIBLE that Abraham tithed????

      Did Abraham tithe on his regular income?

      The Bible says that Abraham had lots of silver, lots of gold, lots of wealth, LOTS OF INCOME!

      Did he ever tithe on that? How many times did Abraham tithe according to the scripture?

      Many people may not know the answer to that.


      According to what is written: Abraham only tithed ONCE in his entire life.

      That one time, he DID NOT tithe on his wealth or normal income, but on the spoils of war.

      So if we follow Abraham’s example we are to only tithe once in our life and ON THE SPOILS OF WAR.

      To try to insist that Abraham’s one-time tithe on the spoils of war means that every Christian must give 10% of their regular income every month throughout their entire life is utterly ridiculous.

      After this, if the person teaching or telling you to tithe cannot see the error of their ways and continues to insist on compulsory/regulation tithing by stating that “OK” Jesus says we should tithe.

      OK did Jesus tell us to tithe? Ask your pastors, elders, ministers, Bishops, Apostle or lay members to show you in the Bible where Jesus tells us to tithe.

      You will see that Jesus DID NOT COMMAND US TO TITHE. What Jesus DID was to COMMEND THE Pharisees for tithing. Now the Pharisees were OLD TESTAMENT JEWS living UNDER THE OLD TESTAMENT LAW. And as such they did not tithe money even though they had money and were lovers of money, THEY DID NOT TITHE MONEY BECAUSE THE OLD TESTAMENT LAW DID NOT COMMAND THEM TO TITHE MONEY!

      Mathew 23:23

      “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices–mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law–justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.

      Again, Jesus COMMENDED the Pharisees as they were supposed to set the example before the nation as keepers of the law. Jesus did not turn around and tell them that they had to tithe money.

      REMEMBER THIS: Jesus had not DIED YET, how could He tell the Jews NOT TO OBEY THE LAW?

      I will gladly tithe the way the Pharisees tithed.

      The Old Testament Law only commanded the tithing of agricultural product and livestock for those who grew agricultural product and had livestock. If you were a carpenter like Jesus – you earned money.

      The Old Testament law commanded that Israelite FARMERS AND RANCHERS bring the 10th portion of their CROPS and LIVESTOCK to the Levites.

      The Israelites had money (see Deuteronomy 14; 22-27), but did not tithe on it.

      By now ANYONE telling you to tithe like the Israelites based on OLD TESTAMENT LAW they have to tell you to obey the WHOLE OLD TESTAMENT LAW.

      By now this person/people should realize their church leaders have been taking Malachi 3:10 completely OUT OF CONTEXT!

      You see Malachi 3:10 was a prophet or MANY PROPHETS speaking to Old Testament Israelites LIVING UNDER THE OLD TESTAMENT LAW. That’s why that verse has the language of CURSING in it on those who did not tithe.

      Malachi WAS NOT TALKING TO MODERN NEW TESTAMENT BELIEVERS. This was talking to Old Testament Israelites living under the law.

      Remember that when the Israelite nation was given the laws of Moses – it was explained to them about blessings and curses. They knew that if they did not obey these laws they would be cursed according to the scriptures.

      If Malachi 3:10 applies to NEW TESTAMENT BELIEVERS then the ENTIRE OLD TESTAMENT LAW ALSO applies to us, and so would the law system of BLESSINGS and CURSINGS based on behavior rather than CHRIST’S WORK ON THE CROSS.

      NOW! For a modern preacher to turn around and tell us that we are cursed because we are not doing this or that of the OLD TESTAMENT LAW IS 100% INCORRECT and ridiculous.

      So, he next time some “ignorant” BIG MOUTH APOSTLE calls you ignorant because YOU ARE NOT OBEYING AN OLD TESTAMENT LAW you can look and laugh at them for being ignorant.


      Jesus became the curse for us.
      JESUS BECAME THE CURSE FOR US. Hebrews 7:23-28


      So you see for anyone trying to INSIST that tithing is for today does not have a SCRIPTURAL LEG TO STAND ON! If they are going to tell you that tithing is for today then they have to tell you to obey the whole Old Testament law.

      You do not have to get argumentative with anyone. Simply tell them there is no command or scripture in scripture that has anything to do with tithing. Now, sometimes these leaders/people will get mad and call you names and shut down the conversation because they simply do not believe that they are wrong. THAT’S OKAY! As a Christian our job is to correct with gentleness. Do not be like an old apostle I heard calling people names like ignorant. That is not Christ-like.

      The only commands in scripture regarding tithing were for Israelites farmers/ranchers to tithe agriculture/livestock under the Law of Moses.

      There is no command in Scripture OF ANYONE TITHING (giving 10% of monetary income) the modern preachers try to require.

      NO ONE in the Bible tithed the way tithing is FALSELY taught today.

      WE SHOULD SUPPORT/GIVE TO OUR CHURCHES! It is wrong to manipulate, misuse, abuse and take out of context scripture. It is wrong to tell people they are cursed because they do not give 10% of everything they own. WITCHCRAFT! It is wrong to belittle people or put them on the spot, or tell them that they lack faith as a reason for their not tithing. This is wrong and ungodly.

      Here’s a surprise for all the false teachers of the tithing system: Not all tithers are good stewards of money or time. These greedy churches who keep the people out at the church four to six times a week are robbing the families of their time. Churches are to teach the people NOT CONTROL THEM!

      Church leaders need to teach that 100% belongs to God, not just 10%. Leaders need to tell the Saints that we will give account to God for ALL. I don’t care who the leader is or how they twist the scripture to fit their man-made theology. It is wrong.

      It is wrong for any church to manipulate-control people; to tell them when they HAVE to be at church and if they miss a service – belittle, intimidate or cajole them about the missed service. It is wrong to take away the freedom of the people. It is wrong for any church to send members to check up on (spy) on members just because they do not attend a service. Concern NOT MANIPULATION! It is wrong for the churches to use SCARE TACTICS and abuse/misuse Malachi 3: 3-10.

      Church is not to become prison!

      It is not only wrong, BUT AN OUTRIGHT LIE to tell people that if they do not SOW TITHE that they will not be blessed, OR that they will be cursed: THAT IS WITCHCRAFT! STOP USING FEAR AND MANIPULATION AND CALLING IT “GOD’S WORK,” WHEN IN REALITY IT IS YOUR WILL THAT YOU ARE ASSERTING!

      It is wrong to tell people that if they do tithe you can expect a blessing. This seed time and harvest system taken totally out of context from the OLD TESTAMENT is false and a gross manipulation of the scriptures. THE SEED IS THE GOSPEL!!!!! Is this not what Jesus said???? THE HARVEST IS THE SOULS THAT ARE GOING TO BE WON. To say that tithing is a good measure of such is absolutely wrong. Stop saying that the HARVEST is money and that seed is the money one has planted. STOP LYING!




      It is too bad that people will not read and research their Bibles. This is how churches get away with the manipulation and abuse.

      The correct NEW TESTAMENT TEACHING in 2 Corinthian 9:7 You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”

      There is nothing to brag about when it comes to paying off a mortgage especially when money is collected under the false manipulative teaching of tithing. The poison teaching that is sown into the hearts of church members has the greatest potential to spread outside of the churches. These Creflo (shoot non-tithers) Dollar, Fred Price, Kenneth (I need a new airplane) Copeland, Leroy (money come NOW) Thompson false ministries are doing great damage to the Kingdom of God.

      It is so sad that False Teachers are causing so many to leave congregations all over the world.

      Here’s what the false teachers do not want the people to know:

      What was the tithe for? God doesn’t need the food – God doesn’t eat. God doesn’t desire sacrifices or offerings ( Psalm 40:6 and Hosea 6:6 ) – He desires mercy. God doesn’t need us to give Him a 10th of everything – when He already owns everything ( Psalm 24:1 and Job 41:11b ). The tithe was used to feed the Levite priests (and their families) who were required to work in the temple day and night ministering to God on behalf of God’s people ( 1 Chronicles 9:33 ). Without the tithe, the Levite priests would have needed to raise their own food, thereby taking them away from ministering before God. Hence the reference in Malachi 3:10 “…that there may be food in my house”. Nehemiah 13:10-13 records a time when the Levite priests were not receiving the tithe wherein they abandoned their daily temple responsibilities to work the farms to feed their families. The reference to ‘robbing God’ in Malachi 3:8 is in fact robbing God of ministry and worship by failing to take care of God’s priests through the tithe of food items. Unlike the other tribes of Israel who were given land as their inheritance, the Levites were not given any land – only a few cities in which to live. God was their inheritance ( Numbers 18:20-21 ). Thus, the remaining tribes were obligated to provide the Levites with food since they had no land on which to grow their own.

      3) What is the storehouse? 2 Chronicles 31 teaches that the storehouse is the Temple in Jerusalem. When the tithe was re-instituted under King Hezekiah, the king gave orders to prepare storerooms in the temple to hold the tithe. Apparently the grain “tithe” was heaped up in the streets, which caused a traffic jam of sorts. King Hezekiah had the storehouse built to relieve a bad case of urban congestion in ancient Jerusalem.
      Read also Nehemiah 10:37-38:
      “Moreover, we will bring to the storerooms of the house of our God, to the priests, the first of our ground meal, of our grain offerings, of the fruit of all our trees and of our new wine and olive oil. And we will bring a tithe of our crops to the Levites, for it is the Levites who collect the tithes in all the towns where we work.
      A priest descended from Aaron is to accompany the Levites when they receive the tithes, and the Levites are to bring a tenth of the tithes up to the house of our God, to the storerooms of the treasury.
      Having established the original purpose of the tithe, the Lord prompted me with several more questions.
      Q: “What happened to the temple (storehouse)?”
      A: It was destroyed in 70AD and has not been rebuilt.
      Q: “Why?”
      A: The old covenant system of animal sacrifice to atone for sin is finished. The new covenant is in the blood of Christ who is the final and everlasting sin sacrifice.
      Q: “Where is the temple now?”
      A: 1 Corinthians 6:19 says WE are the temple of the Holy Spirit. God no longer resides in a stone temple, but in the hearts of his children through the Holy Spirit.
      Q: “What happened to the Levite priests?”
      A: The Levite priesthood is no longer necessary as the old covenant system of animal sacrifice in the temple was superceded by the everlasting covenant of Christ’s blood.
      Q: “Who is the priesthood now?”
      A: 1 Peter 2:5 and 9 says those who have received Jesus as Lord and Savior are the priesthood.
      WOW – SEED OF ABRAHAM! Who you going to believe, your man of God or the BIBLE! When both the Men and Women of God line up with Bible – then both are to be believed, but the BIBLE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!
      Do not worry about these pastors or their members putting you out of their congregations or calling you a liar and a devil. If this happens, it is them – they are wrong.
      2 Corinthians 16: 2 On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made.
      How often are we setting funds aside WEEKLY to help spread the Good News, to feed the poor, and help those in needs in homeless shelters? We all can and should do better. YES! There are churches that do all of these things.
      To whom it applies, pastors need to return to faith to maintain those church buildings and stop using scare tactics or other MANIPULATIVE means to justify taking the people’s money. Pastors should continue seeking the Kingdom of God as Matthew 6:33 tells us.
      2 Corinthian 9:7 you must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”
      To the Christians, remember that 100% of what we have belongs to God (Psalms 24:1)! If God speaks to your heart and tells you to trust Him and to GIVE 10% at anytime – GIVE IT! Do not give it RELUCTANTLY, OR IN RESPONSE TO PRESSURE, NOT BECAUSE I AM GOING TO BLESSED. There is NO BLESSING IN THIS!
      At this time if the best you can give is a penny – MY CHRISTIAN FRIENDS: “GOD is going to honor that penny.” MORE THAN A PERSON WHO TITHES 100 MILLION DOLLARS EXPECTING SOMETHING BACK – THEY CAN MAKE GOD OUT OF GAMBLING MACHINE.
      And I don’t care who your pastor is, their title, education or religious affiliation or how big the congregation OR ITS BUILDING – paid or mortgaged!
      Stop trying to play God as if He is some system. Preachers stop using, misusing, twisting and abusing the subject of tithing as a club to beat people over the head.
      Christians, by all means KEEP GIVING as THIS IS RIGHT. Look around you and you will needs everywhere.

      Remember the story of the rich young ruler:
      Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Matthew 19:21
      Does anyone read in this scripture of Jesus asking for 10% to support HIS MINISTRY????
      Stop listening to these false ministers like Creflo and his WORLD “MONEY” CHANGERS!.
      Go back and read Malachi and read WHO IT WAS REALLY TALKING TO! See who was being neglected and see who these leaders were who ROBBING GOD!

      Christians didn’t start tithing 10 percent of their income to the church until the 1800′s. That was the surprising discovery of Paul Merritt Bassett, emeritus professor. When he began looking into the history of tithing, he already knew that the early Christians didn’t tithe. They rejected the practice as one of many Jewish laws rendered obsolete under God’s new covenant through Jesus–like the laws about animal sacrifice, kosher food, and circumcision. Christians said they gave offerings–not tithes. There’s no mention of Christians tithing in the New Testament. Instead, they donated what they could, “Whatever you give,” Paul said, “is acceptable if you give it eagerly” (2Corinthians 8:12). In later centuries, the church in some areas collected a tax from all the citizens. But, this wasn’t a tithe. When Bassett started searching for the first Christian sermon in tithing, it didn’t show up until the 1800′s, just before the Civil War, that’s when many Protestant churches got aggressive with religious education, missions, and charitable work. and they needed extra money to pay those bills. Some pastors found a solution. They started to preach that tithing was a timeless moral law—like the laws about helping the poor. So it was a law that was still in effect–not obsolete as the early Christians had taught. The idea caught on. Bassett insists that tithing is still a good idea, since it takes money to maintain church ministries. “But let’s free ourselves from the burden of trying to prove the theologically unprovable,” he says,” and from the attempts to transform a wonderfully pragmatic device into a holy commandment. God loves a cheerful giver. Paul Merritt Bassett, who researched the above info, needs to remember your 20 to 35% taxes help fund medicare, medicaid, social security, which you might not get anything from, infrastructure, welfare programs, etc for those who are not working or retired. That’s already a double to triple or even 4x tithe not to mention the time you give away like your Pastor. Yet you never passed an offering plate while he preached fallacies about tithe requirements for obedience and got paid for it.

    • Travis Wooten says

      who cares if you are a ‘member” of your church. We are to be members of the body of Christ. What you described is control and fear based. bible says if a man neglects family needs is worse than a unbeliever. nothing about neglecting a tithe (tithe was always food)

    • says

      Let that pastor revoke your membership . … Church is not a membership .. I am too wrestling with the tithes and offerings. I work Two Jobs My wife is working also we are on a budget is so tight I cannot breath. and then Pay the tithe .. I am believing for the windows of Heaven to Open and bless us but Where is it? I read ever book on finances and I believe we should be on a tithing a tenth and some for the offering.
      w BARLEY HAVE ENOUGH FOR VACATION THIS YEAR… THIS WILL BE THE FIRST in 17 years … I almost want to throw the towl in … But I believe…..

    • says

      do not be a member .. members is a club. . you can join a club and pay your membership dues.. its just another way of asking for you to commit .. tell them you will think about it. and look for another church. that will in now way pressure your make you commit to a member shop forget that…. I never see that in bible.

    • Lillian Gahongayire says

      Praise God brethren, thank you for posting such important text for helping confused people like me. I am a single mother, a born again christian, served God with all my heart and strength and gave all, my time, money to the extent of giving my only car to support in church construction. Then time came when my only daughter who also was serving God genuinely, amidst all that got pregnant. I was ashamed, desperate and needed someone to tell me ” God loves you” but did not get any not even from my pastor. More responsibilities to care for my daughter plus a grandchild become too much for me, and I lost that love for people in church. I stopped tithing from June to December 2016, I am trying to raise myself up to go back to my former love for church but in vain. Pray for me

  3. M C Williams says

    Deuteronomy 14 seems to talk about tithing 23.3%. A tithe of 10% for the Levites (the priests) a tithe of 10% for the religious festivals and a tithe every three years for priests, orphans, strangers and widows. Why do we promote just 10%? About the only time Jesus mentions the tithe is to chide the Pharisees. Why do we make such a big deal about this part of the Law and not circumcision, the Sabbath, and many other parts of the ceremonial code (Law)?

    2 Corinthians 8 and 9 gives a beautiful picture of giving after Jesus fulfilled the Law. Is the present day church model dependent on teaching this part of the Law in order to keep the machine operating?

  4. PUMEZA NGONO says

    Hi Craig

    I am a troubled christian with this issue of tithing,I am one of the christians who believe in tithing and I make sure that I dont rob God in terms of paying my 10% tithe…my problem is I do’nt see any progress in my church and my pastor is using this money for his own purposes….my understanding is that tithes can be used in looking after the church work and the pastor can be paid a certain amount.Our church is a old shack and when I look at my church I always think of my 10% who is suppose to be the part of building the house of God and used for other intentions.Plz help me clarify the use of tithe to me because I am thinking about not paying my 10% anymore to this pastor.

    • Travis Wooten says

      you have right heart. If you choose 10% then praise the Lord. tithe should be for the poor in our midst, nothing else. Pastors should have job to support themselves unless God calls them fulltime. If God calls fulltime then God will provide by using the people to give offerings. No salaries are seen in the New Covenant. If God truly called u He will provide. New Covenant is freedom and liberty not control.

  5. Nina says

    What baffles me is when someone is about to lose their home even though they are tithing and when they seek advice from the church they are told there is something wrong with them. Be it unreported sin, not being a cheerful giver, etc. When asked once, should a person tithe if they are about to lose their home, the answer was yes. Testing God. And the person lost their home. Does not make sense to me. How can a person logically be happy about tithing when worried they will lose their house, how can God bless this person if they are tithing out of fear, and when they had been tithing for a year faithfully and asked the church for help to help save their house……they were given a 100 dollar gift card…..no “hey we can’t afford to give cash (a gift card yes cash no) but lets ask for a donation, have a bake sale, garage sale, etc….(no that would be putting a hardship on those that tithe and the church can’t afford to burden the ones who tithe as their tithe goes to the church……Um…OK, so what about the person who faithfully tithed for a year in their poverty and is now about to lose their home…they what, don’t matter? So to answer the question or actually make a comment regarding the comment where in maybe five response above stated the devil could be using spiritual warfare from keeping blessings coming to this person; does that mean he is using the church against this poor person who gave in their poverty and is about to lose their house as no one can come forward and help them. Should their prayers be to help the church turn their hearts around and look after their brother or sister in Christ who is about to go homeless? I believe in spiritual warfare but I also believe in the commandment that we are supposed to love our neighbors as we love ourselves and this comes after the great commandment to love our Lord our God and have no other gods before him. So how then is the church loving their bother or sister in Christ and not helping them keep their house when they especially have been a faithful giver to the church even in their own poverty which is now leading to losing their home? Where is the love?????? Where is Christ in all of this if we are supposed to live Christ like? 800 member church, not even a suggestion to take up an offering to help Joe Smith keep his house. Sad.

    • Lillian Gahongayire says

      The church we go to, give tithe, offerings, give a hand in so many other activities, should, in times of our need, show concern. If not then we are in a wrong place. If someone could go to the extent of being homeless, fail to raise money to pay school dues, while in that same church are people who are having big jobs and others have more than one house but the church remains silent about it, Then we are missing out that love Jesus tells us, and Pastors could be missing out on that part

  6. Martin says

    Only faith please God. if you do not tithe in faith that God will make His promises true, then it is in vain. When you tithe you tithe to God, not your pastor.
    In the new testaments is called giving, and it goes up to 100%
    Your giving exposes your heart.
    If money is controlling you, then God is not. God still is our provider, giving seed to then sower and bread to the eater. some people eat their seed, instead of sowing it.

    If you give , and its not coupled with love , then its in vain.1Co 13:3 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing.

    I have personalty sown everything in money i had and trusted God, and He did miracles fir us. He never let us down.
    Either God is who He says He is, or He is not God.

    • says

      again it is the Law of Love how much have you tithe of love ….. its not the money its not your sacrifices its your obedience
      then you ask yourself what is it that I have to Obey?

      • Martin says

        The kingdom of God is a better place today because of sacrifice and the contribution of God’s sons and daughters. We have a generous Spirit in us. How can one be borne again from God and be stingy? The 10% tithe was way before the law and grace is a higher law.
        Honor your parents is also in the law and we’ll entrench in the new testament.

        Where is the law now. The Bible says in your heart and mind. So your giving is an attitude of the heart.

    • Findley says

      I agree fully; further the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart…Ps 51:17

    • Lillian Gahongayire says

      I think in the first place giving to the poor is an individual willingness, what is this that the 1Co 13:3 what is that giving without love?

  7. says

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