Tis’ the Season to Check Out Sound Mind Investing [Limited Time Offer]

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Don’t quote me on this (my memory is not what it once was), but I think it was two years ago this month that I signed up for a 30 day free trial at Sound Mind Investing (SMI).

I thought I knew about investing, but when I started reading the three years of archived newsletters, I realized my investing knowledge was really superficial.  Among other things, I didn’t have a good grasp on what an Index fund was or the difference between small cap and large cap company.  While I’m not an investing expert or guru, I can confidently say that SMI has given me enough investing knowledge to feel confident addressing the investing topic on this site.

But, I digress.

Sound Mind Investing is once again offering a 30-day free web membership for new members.

Here’s what SMI says about their web membership:

That’s right, for 30 days, they can test all the great features you’ve come to know and love — Editor’s Weblog, 401(k) Fund Tracker, Sector Rotation (and all the other Advanced Strategies), the Message Boards, the market-pounding Upgrading Strategy, article archives, and so on. And they can do this at NO COST, with NO STRINGS attached.

Just a few week ago some folks were asking me some investing related questions (what an exciting Thanksgiving topic, eh?).  I told them they should check out Sound Mind Investing – not because I completely endorse all their strategies, but because if you read some of the back issues and you keep up with the newsletters, you’ll have a clue about investing.  It’s better to learn about investing than spend your life relying on someone to tell you what to think.

So, if you want to try Sound Mind Investing, this is the time.  I have a review of Sound Mind Investing in case you are interested.

Check out their free trial offer today – click here.

* Affiliate Disclosure – I am a SMI affiliate.  This means two things: (1) I receive free copies of the newsletter, and (2) I get a small commission if someone becomes a paid subscriber.  However, I told friends about SMI before I was an affiliate because I truly like their product.

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