This Jungle Bush Kanaka Needs Your Wisdom and Roundup

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Living in New Guinea officially means I’m out of the loop.

Because I’ve been living outside of North America for so long, I feel a little out of touch.

That’s where you come in.

One thing I’ll be doing when I return to North America is preparing a seminar for churches. The teaching material will be based on my book Transforming Your Financial Diet.

Would you be willing to take 5 minutes to learn about the proposed seminar and answer five questions? I’d especially like some feedback from church leaders.

To complete the survey, click here.

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Book Roundup

In my monthly(ish) roundups, I hope to feature the books I’m reading or have read since the last roundup.

Here’s what I’ve read since the last roundup:

  1. Adrenalin and Stress: The Exciting Breakthrough That Helps you Overcome Stress Damage by Archibald Hart. This is a book that a friend recommended. I didn’t get the book at that time, but then I was looking back through some old counseling class notes from graduate school that mentioned the book. That was double confirmation, so I got the book and just started reading it a day or two ago.
  2. 10 People Every Christian Should Know E-book. This free Kindle book (looks like it is now $2.51) by Warren Wiersbe caught my attention. I’ve read the first two profiles. I was amazed to hear that Jonathan Edwards studied for 13 hours a day!
  3. God’s Story, Your Story: When His Becomes Yours by Max Lucado. I’m reading this book as part of my morning devotionals. It’s good, but not spectacular.  I got it free on Kindle, but looks like it costs money now.
  4. 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller. Miller has a lot of excellent suggestions for people in transitions. It’s definitely not geared toward people who plan to be self employed, as a couple of chapters were devoted to interviewing and resumes (sections I skipped). I’m not sure how much I agree that we need to look deep inside ourselves to find the ideal job. I can think of a ton of Bible characters who were called to do things that made them suffer. Overall, it’s a good book for people who aren’t content in their jobs.  It’s definitely worth the $2.99 it costs on Kindle.
  5. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. An outstanding book that I highly recommend. The book is dated, but his points are as legitimate (or more so) as when they were first written. This book is free on Kindle.
  6. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Another free Kindle book that I really enjoyed. Even if you’ve heard the story of Scrooge, I think you’d enjoy reading it for yourself.
  7. The Next Story by Tim Challies. Very, very good. I really recommend this book. As our family prepares to move to the US, I thought this book had a lot of great suggestions on having a healthy balance with media.
  8. Seven Practices of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley. An easy to read and fun book that provides a lot of important things for ministers to consider. Matt Dabbs at Kingdom Living recommended that I read this book.
  9. Cross-Cultural Reentry: A Book of Readings edited by Clyde Austin. The only paper book I read in the last month and a half. I expected this book to give more practical suggestions for our transition out of PNG, but it was a scholarly work that sometimes left me wanting more actionable suggestions.

Articles Roundup

These are the articles that stood out to me this month:

Consumers Beat the Risk with Gift Cards (Get Rich Slowly). A good reminder that people who buy things with gift cards have a lot less consumer protection.

Take Control of Your Debt by Setting a Time Goal (Personal Finance by the Book). It’s amazing how much more powerful a goal becomes when you attach a time deadline to it.

A Divine Slap In The Face (Breaking An Online Addiction!) (Perry Noble). After reading The Next Story, I thought this personal experience was enlightening.

The Four Phases of Frugality (Frugal Dad). An insightful look at frugality.


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