The Short Term Missions Handbook

Get ready for a successful short term mission trip where you make a lasting difference.

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short term missions handbook

In this book you’ll learn essential lessons from fundraising to cultural adjustment so you can effectively serve overseas.

Feeling excited about your upcoming short term mission trip?

There are some of you who just said, “Sign me up.” From the very first moment, you were ready to go.

  • You’re ready to go, meet new people and share your faith.
  • You want to be sure you are using your talents and making the best possible use of your time and money.
  • You want to touch and impact the lives of people.
  • You want to be a blessing, not a burden to everyone you encounter.
  • You want to share meaningful lessons.
  • You want to grow spiritually.
  • You want to have the right heart and attitude to be a positive example.

What if you’re feeling nervous about your short term mission trip?

  • How am I going to raise a couple thousand dollars?
  • Is it safe to travel overseas?
  • What do I need to do to be prepared?
  • What if my family doesn’t support my decision?
  • What am I going to do when people ask me for money?
  • What if I get sick?
  • How will I handle poverty?
  • How will I explain the mission trip to my family?

I wonder if I’m cut out for a short term mission trip. I just don’t feel prepared for such a big undertaking. I feel inadequate to do everything expected of me.

The Short Term Missions Handbook is a step by step guide that walks you through the entire process from initial commitment to returning home.

Add To Cart - Button Blue In this Book You’ll Learn:

Important Tips for Gearing Up and Getting Ready

  • 6 essential characteristics of effective short term missionaries
  • The personal advantages and disadvantages of short term missions
  • Tips for counting the cost of short term missions
  • 8 amazing benefits of going on a mission trip
  • How to respond to criticisms regarding your plans
  • 10 crucial things every short termer should know
  • Techniques for addressing the common reasons why people decide not to go

An Essential Guide to Fundraising for a Short Term Mission Trip

If you have never raised funds before or you’re feeling intimidated by the process, we can help by laying out a step by step guide packed full of practical fundraising tips. As full time missionaries, we have raised all of our personal financial support for the last five years. In this section of the book we take everything we have learned about fundraising and introduce a simple method that will help you achieve your fundraising goals. Here are some of the essential steps to successful fundraising:

  • Step #1 – Clarify you goals
  • Step #2 – Develop a list of potential contacts
  • Step #3 – Prioritize your contact list
  • Step #4 – Contact supporters
  • Step #5 – Follow Up
  • Step #6 – Don’t personalize rejection
  • Step #7 – A last ditch effort

We explore all of these steps in full detail giving you a great fundraising advantage. Don’t worry, we also talk about the importance of prayer and dependence on God in the fundraising process.

How to Thrive On the Mission Field

In this section you can expect to learn:

  • 11 things that might surprise you on the mission field
  • A brief glimpse into the issue of poverty
  • The importance of cultural learning
  • Proven strategies for dealing with culture shock
  • Important questions to ask a local missionary

Important and Practical Tips For A Smooth Trip

You’ll be introduced some important details like:

  • Critical Information to leave with your family
  • How to prepare the essential documents for your trip
  • Helpful packing tips

Advice on How to be Successful on the Mission Field

In this chapter we take some of our experiences and teach you important lessons that will help you be successful on the field. You’ll learn

  • Attitudes to avoid on the mission field
  • How to minimize your risk of sickness
  • Safety and security guidelines
  • How to be helpful to your hosts

Tips for Dealing with Emotional Issues when Returning Home

Many short termers are unprepared for the emotions they feel when they returning home. You’ll be introduced to common feelings when returning home as well as some ways to positively respond. You’ll know how to:

  • How to deal with feelings of guilt associated with wealth
  • How to deal with a lack of lack of interest and passion
  • Deal with an apparent lack of spiritual fervor

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Who Are We?

Craig and Jeri FordHey, this is Craig and Jeri Ford, the book’s authors. We have been living in Papua New Guinea as missionaries for the last five years. We have participated in domestic and foreign short term mission trips, so we have experienced all the emotions from excitement to fear. We have planned domestic youth mission trips, so we’ve been involved in missions from the planning and coordinating perspective. Now, as missionaries, we know what it is like to host short term missionaries. We want to share our experiences, lessons, and advice so that you can be prepared for the uncertainties and capitalize on your excitement.

Here’s some other folks who have some positive things to say about the book:


Joe Missions Handbook

If you or anyone in your church is even considering a short term mission trip, this handbook is a non-negotiable essential. Craig Ford’s years of experience on the mission field shine throughout as he covers topics from dealing with culture stress to a step by step fundraising guide to explaining the best way to exchange money.

A Short Term Mission Trip Handbook is short enough to be an easy read while thorough enough to touch every conceivable base. Don’t leave home without it.

Joe Plemon @

scott short term

This book, while wonderfully short, is thorough in covering how to prepare spiritually, financially, and physically for a campaign as well as dealing with the issues of cultures, safety, and how to transition back into one’s home culture and church. Craig does a great job writing it in everyday language and using humor throughout to keep it fresh and a fun read. This book is a must read for any person preparing for their first mission trip!

Scott Ferguson – Mission Leadership Team Member

Steve missions

I have had the privilege of leading and participating in short-term mission trips overseas several times. In my preparation for those trips, I wish I had this book to utilize.

Here is a practical, detailed, and yet reflective guide for preparing to have a short-term mission experience. Geared to those going out of North America, the book will serve as a wonderful resource to group leaders, in making sure all bases are covered for the trip – fundraising, safety issues, spiritual preparation, culture shock, even packing!

Steve Cloer – Pulpit Minister, Fort Worth, Texas

Paul short term

I wish I had this book before I went on my short-term mission trip to Haiti! Craig and Jeri walk you through everything from discerning God’s will before you decide to go all the way to dealing with your return home. It even includes a great section on fundraising. If you’re even considering going on a short-term mission trip, you need to read this book! It’s packed full of the tips and information that took me hours to find in other places. Save yourself some time and do yourself a favor – buy this book now!

Paul Williams @

Josh Marcum

Finally! A bona fide missionary prepares a manual for helping short term workers. We missionaries can now delete our old one-page word docs which tried to explain how to prepare for and survive their time on the field. This is much better and comprehensive! Thank you, Craig and Jeri.

This eBook is comprehensive enough to address the full short-term work cycle: Essentials of both tangible and spiritual preparation, learner posture on the field, and how to process God’s transformation after return.

I personally will REQUIRE that all coming to our work read a copy. They’ll be blessed many times throughout their trip as these missionaries’ learned advice comes to the rescue.

Joshua Marcum – Missionary in Bolivia

By purchasing this book you save valuable time because everything you need is in one handy resource. You’ll save a lot of hassle trying to locate the information you need. Most mission trips cost several hundred or several thousand dollars so you’ll want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible. Make a lasting impact by properly preparing yourself with the valuable information in this book.

Free Bonus With Purchase: 10 Day Prayer and Devotional Journal

devobookfinal If you buy this eBook, you’ll also get a printable 10 Day Prayer and Devotional Journal free. This daily devotional guide provides a context for spiritual reflection during your mission trip. Each entry has a Bible passage to help focus your thoughts, some reflection questions, suggested prayer topics, and space for journaling.

No Risk Purchase: Full 12 Month Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

mission book guaranteed Buy the book. Read the book. And if for some reason you are not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund. This is a 12 month guarantee. We’ve set a 12 month period because our book covers everything from preparation to getting back into your home culture. After 12 months if you think this book wasn’t a valuable part of your mission experience, just send an email to mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com, and we’ll gladly refund your money.

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We’re look forward to hearing about all of the good things you accomplish through your mission trip.

Craig and Jeri Ford

P.S. When you buy the The Short Term Missions Handbook, you get immediate access to the eBook and the 10 Day Prayer and Devotional Booklet. All material will be immediately delivered via an email with an electronic PDF download Get your copy now.

You have nothing to lose as this book has a full 12 month money back guarantee and a value guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied I’ll refund the cost of the book.