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Earlier this month, fellow blogger, Rob Kuban, released a book called The Secret of Generosity.

He asked me if I’d be willing to take a look at it an review it on the site. I asked, and Rob graciously agreed to let me highlight my five favorite quotes from his book.

Top Five Quotes from The Secret of Generosity

One of the strengths of the book is that it ties giving in with our spiritual life. Often times we talk about it like it is a separate component of our Christianity. However, if our heart and spirits are right, then giving will naturally flow out of our transformed hearts.


The Bible calls us to be generous in essence — describing giving as a way of life, not as the occasional reaction to emotionally appealing invitations. The only way that this is possible is God’s essence, or Spirit, dwelling within us. By God’s grace, we are transformed into consistent, strategic, and generous givers. It is God, and God alone, who brings about this change in us. (Page 41)


Money is a peculiar thing. It can be used to do incredible, redemptive, restorative, and inspirational things in the hands of someone willing to steer it in such directions. Just as powerfully, it can destroy, diminish, and set many on a vicious pursuit of vanity (that could steal their faith in the process, 1 Tim. 6:10). The Bible speaks clearly to both of these extremes. (Page 126)


What is generosity’s secret? It is how we were designed to live. God, the author and inventor of generosity, created us in His image and has woven generosity into the fabric of His design for our earthly existence. God intended us to live generously—pouring out our hearts, our lives, and our resources for His glory. (Page 196)


While it might sound a little unnatural to think that giving is better than getting, we have to step out in faith. After all, deep inside our soul we know that what we are doing isn’t really working—we feel like we are trying to gain footing in a world without gravity. When Jesus tells us plainly that life is not found in possessions (Luke 12:15), He is seeking to set us free. Christ is returning our hearts to God’s creative design. (Page 14)


The whole notion of “generosity” is often associated only with money. However, whether we realize it or not, generosity is in the bedrock of solid Christian doctrine. The next three chapters are designed to show, on a cosmic scale, the importance of generosity not just to our financial life, but to Christianity itself. (Page 56)

If you enjoyed these quotes, I bet you’d enjoy the book. You can head over to Amazon and order a copy of The Secret to Generosity.

I was provided with a free copy of the book to review, but otherwise I didn’t receive any compensation for this post. The book link is an Amazon affiliate link.

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