The Secret to a Successful Budget

Learn how to budget effectively, control your spending, and discover money you never knew you had.

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Have you every asked yourself – where did my money go?

Successful Budget

There’s a stack of bills that reaches to the roof, and you inquisitively look at a bank statement wondering why you always end up with such a low balance.

How do other people make less money than you, but they always seem to pay their bills?

A budget is the most important component in any financial plan. Want to get out of debt? Want to save money for the kids’ college? Want to start saving for retirement? Want to have more to give? Want to have money to leave your kids an inheritance? These important tasks can only be accomplished if you have a budget.

Starting a budget is easy. Creating a budget that lasts is the real challenge.

Discover a smarter way to budget so you can get the most of out every dollar, start making your money work for you, and reach your financial goals.

Personal finance is about managing life, not money. Budgeting is not about saying ‘no’, but about choosing when to say ‘yes’. It is not an end in itself, but is a vehicle that will allow you to achieve your financial goals.

The Secret to a Successful Budget is perfect for:

People who are ‘hopeful’ budgeters. You see the value in a budget, perhaps you’ve even tried to budget, but it never lasts more than a week.

Do any of the following points describe you?

You get a bill in the mail, but when you check the bank balance, it is too low to pay the bill.

You pay all your bills each month, but feel like you’re treading water and not getting any closer to achieving your financial goals.

You set a budget on January 1st, but by the time February rolls around, you’ve already fallen off the wagon.

You decide (perhaps for the hundredth time) that you are going to keep a budget. But, during those first long days you get overwhelmed and quit.

You are trying to get out of debt, but feel like you don’t have the money necessary to start paying off debt.

If you identify with any of these statements, this book ideal for you.


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This book might not be right for you if …

If you are a long time budgeter, you probably already instinctively use most of the techniques in this book. In addition, if you are looking for a silver bullet that will fix your finances without any effort, you are likely to be disappointed by this book.

What does it take to make a budget that lasts:

I’ll go ahead and give you a taste of the secret to a successful budget.

Too often, budgeting books focus on numbers, techniques, and math. But what is really important is your personality and your life goals.

This book doesn’t try to force you into a budgeting mold. If you’re a free spirit, then I’ve got some proven budgeting tactics for you. If you’re a math geek, then I have some key strategies for you, too. In fact, I’ll introduce different forms of budgeting so you can customize your budget based on your personality type. In the book, I lay out a step-by-step guide to setting up a budget using these five budgeting methods:

  1. Envelope system
  2. 10/10/spend method
  3. Budgeting spreadsheet
  4. Budgeting computer software
  5. Pen and paper budget

Unfortunately, most budgeting resources don’t answer the why question. Why budget? Budgeting is useless until you see how it adds something of value to your life. You’re not in school anymore so you don’t do things just because someone tells you to. That’s why I introduce something called the Menu for Financial Health. The Menu for Financial Health is a step-by-step financial tool that helps you visualize how budgeting helps you accomplish your life and financial goals.

If you’ve never budgeted or developed a financial plan, I’ll provide you with all the tools necessary to set a healthy financial course.

The Secret to a Successful Budget: Practical Tips for Creating a Budget That Lasts is a practical step-by-step guide that walks you through the entire budgeting process.

The Proven Steps to Creating a Successful Budget

Step #1: Determine Your Net Spendable Income

It sounds simple, I know. But, a lot of people have variable incomes or don’t get paid on a regular basis. I share the proper method for determining your net spendable income.

Step #2: Determine Your Current Financial Focus Point (FFP)

Your Financial Focus Point is a term I introduce in the book. The FFP helps to establish some long-term financial goals so you give a purpose to the budgeting process. You might want to pay off debt or save for a future expense. In the book I help you determine the right way to develop a healthy financial plan.

Step #3: Budget Preparation

You’ll have two completely unique techniques for starting to budget. Which is the right technique? I’ll let you decide based on your preference and personality. The tortoise budget is for those who want to be more methodical and want to be sure the budget is ready before they start. Then there is the hare budget for people who just want to get started and figure it out along the way.

Step #4: Schedule a Time to Create Your Budget

Just you, your spouse (if married) and a calendar. You’ll be motivated to set a time to start your new budgeting journey.

Step #5: Create Your Budget

You’ll get a detailed and practical step by step guide on how to budget using one of the following five methods:

  1. Envelope system
  2. 10/10/spend method
  3. Budgeting spreadsheet
  4. Budgeting computer software
  5. Pen and paper budget

You’ll learn all the advantages and disadvantages to each budgeting method.

A useful guide on using using ING Direct to help manage budgeting is also included.

Step #6: Track Your Spending

This is where most people find budgeting difficult. You’ll be introduced to practical advice on how to track your spending using a system that requires less than 15 minutes a week.

Step #7: Tweak, Tweak, and Re-tweak

Life is not stagnant. You change. Your needs change. You stage in life changes. You’ll learn the importance of continually tweaking your budget as well as the life occasions when you must revisit your budget.

Does this budgeting approach work?

Like any author, when I finished this book, I had some lingering doubts. Is the book any good? So I did what any decent guy would do – I sent it to a few people who read my blog and asked them for some feedback. Kelli from Kansas City has never budgeted before, so I sent her the book. I held my breath waiting for her response. Here’s what Kelli had to say:

I like the way you relate budgeting to food as everyone should be able to relate,after all, who doesn’t eat? The Menu for Financial Health Checklist is very straightforward and easy to pull together. Just print it off and fill in personal information and go. This book contains lots of helpful tables, lists, and outside sources. As you may remember, I have never done an actual budget on paper or computer but these simple statements made me decide to take matters more seriously. I now know that my aversion to budgeting has been due to the fact that I have not been able to look into the future and pen down goals and so I have abandoned doing any budget. I can’t wait to get home and get started with your ideas/templates.

Diane, a mother of four, doesn’t keep a budget. I asked her what she thought about the book.

The Secret to a Successful Budget removes the intimidating mask from budgeting and inspires people to take control of their finances by offering different budgeting methods for different kinds of people. Every personality can find a method of budgeting that will work for them in this helpful guide.  For people who are tired of trying to make sense of intimidating financial mumbo-jumbo, The Secret to a Successful Budget is a friendly, simple guide that gives them the tools they need to make money an asset, not a burden, in their lives. And even for the financially in-the-know people out there, the many well-researched tips and advice make it a worthwhile read. Craig’s style is honest and encouraging, and full of practical help for the financially burdened.

If you’re serious about creating a budget, you’ll need to be able to transform 12 common budgeting challenges into practical solutions.

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Have you ever started a budget and then quickly faced some complicated questions. What if …? How do I …? You’ll learn how to deal with the 12 most common budgeting challenges.


After reading the book, you’ll have a solution and action plan for resolving each of the following questions:

How do I budget with an irregular income?

How to decide what to cut from the budget

What do I do if I started a budget and still don’t have enough money to pay the bills?

How do I budget for things like car repairs, gifts, and vacations?

I still can’t pay all my bills: What do I do?

How should we respond to budget fights in marriage?

How do I budget monthly when I’m not paid monthly?

What does the Bible teach about budgeting?

What about bills I only pay once a year?

How do I budget for unexpected income?

What do I do when my/our income is cut?

You’ll even get to answer a question you’ve probably never asked before: What do I do when I have money left over at the end of the month?

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

Craig Ford The Secret to a Successful Budget Hi, this is Craig Ford, the book’s author. I only have one persuasive credential for writing this book – experience. Experience managing my own finances and experience writing about budgeting. Most importantly, my wife and I have kept an effective budget for over seven years now. As a result, I only share practical tips that help you make a successful budget. By the way, our family of five lives on one income. Since we budget, over the last ten years we have been able to: pay off all consumer debts, pay off all student loans, vacation internationally every couple of years, give to our church and non-profit charities, and pay for two Masters Degrees in cash.


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Here’s what you get when you download the book:

  • The Menu to Financial Health introduces the eight essential stages of a healthy financial plan.
  • A detailed explanation of what a budget is and why you need a budget.
  • Practical tips for overcoming budgeting challenges you will face
  • The 10 common budget busters you will need to overcome before successfully budgeting
  • 5 ways budgeting will bless your life
  • 20 creative money saving tips
  • Two customized approaches to budget preparation. Customized based on your personality.
  • 8 categories that are often under budgeted
  • Step by step guide on how to set up an envelope budgeting system
  • A helpful hybrid approach to the envelop system. The envelope system with gift cards.
  • Step by step guide on how to set up a more flexible 10/10/spend budget
  • Step by step guide on how to create your own budgeting spreadsheet
  • A detailed introduction to two computer budgeting software programs – Moneydance and You Need A Budget.
  • Coupon codes for discounts when you purchase Moneydance (20% off)
  • Comprehensive tips on developing your own pen and paper budget
  • ING Direct budgeting tips and tricks
  • A complete outline on how to chose the best budgeting method
  • The 4 personality types and how they impact which budgeting method you should chose
  • 7 occasions when you need to adjust your budget
  • 3 essential budgeting tips to help you avoid common budgeting mistakes
  • The importance of automation and budgeting
  • How to turn 12 frequently asked questions into easy to follow action plans
  • Access to four blank worksheets, including an individual account spending sheet, variable income worksheet, fixed and variable charges sheet, and a Menu for Financial Health check list

Free Bonus Product

101 Ways to Save Money

Bonus booklet: The Joy of Spending Less Than You Earn: 101 Ways to Save Money. This 14 page bonus PDF is packed full of valuable money saving tips. If you have trouble making your budget, these money saving tips will help you s-t-r-e-t-c-h every dollar. You’ll learn how to save money on prescription medicine, movies, credit card fees, and even when buying car.

Put The Secret to a Successful Budget to the Test: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Money Back GuaranteeGet the book. Read the book. I’ll let you take 60 days to implement some of these proven strategies. And if for some reason this book does not help you budget more effectively, you can get a full refund. This is a 60 day no questions asked guarantee. I’ll gladly refund your money – no questions asked.

Value Guarantee. I guarantee that the money you spend to buy this book will be one of your best financial investments. What you get will be worth more than what you spend – I guarantee it. If you buy this book, implement some of the tips, and within 60 days it doesn’t save you more than the cost of the book, I’ll refund your money.


What’s included in the book?

*Now available in Kindle version *

Immediate access to The Secret to a Successful Budget, a 58 page PDF and a Kindle compatible MOBI format file that you can download, print, or transfer to your Kindle for your own personal use.

Access to four blank worksheets, including an individual account spending sheet, variable income worksheet, fixed and variable charges sheet, and a Menu for Financial Health check list.

The 101 Ways to Cut Your Spending bonus booklet.

PDF Budget Book$14.95 $9.99 gives you instant access to The Secret to a Successful Budget, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Secret to a Successful Budget: Practical Advice for Creating a Budget That Lasts

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The Secret to a Successful Budget (PDF and Kindle version)

101 Ways to Save Money (Bonus Booklet)

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I look forward to hearing about how this book has helped you get control of your finances.

Craig Ford

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