The Secret to a Successful Budget: Reviews Roundup

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Pen and paper budgetAs I’m sure you noticed on the sales page for The Secret to a Successful Budget, I have a lot of positive things to say about MY book.  Not surprisingly, I like the book.  Well, it turns out it’s not just me.

I’ve pulled together some of the reviews of the eBook from other websites.  I want to give you a taste of what others are saying about the book and direct you to some outside resources you can read if you are considering buying the book.

Common themes from the reviews:

  1. The book is easy to read. I do my best not to bore or intimidate anyone when it comes to discussing personal finance.  What’s the point of talking about something if you can’t understand it?  Anyways, it was nice to read that others thought this was a strength of the book.
  2. The book motivates readers. When I wrote the book, I didn’t want to focus on just the mathematical aspects, but also the psychological side of budgeting.  Thankfully, the reviewers picked up on that focus.
  3. The tips, suggestions, and advice are useful and easy to implement. The reason I wrote this book is to help you budget.  I wanted a book that was very practical.  And fortunately, from the feedback, it seems like the book is just that – practical.

Reviews of The Secret to a Successful Budget

Frugal Zeitgeist Review by Forest

I was impressed by the stance and detail he has taken to laying out the art of creating and maintaining a budget. He has packed over 50 pages with solid information covering almost every aspect of budgeting and accounting for a variety of styles and personality. … It’s also important to note that Craig’s excellent use of personal stories and real world style examples are extremely motivating.

Heavenly Homemakers review by Laura Coppinger

I was very impressed with how thorough the book was to help everyone set up a budget that works. … The Secret to a Successful Budget is SO easy to read.  Not at all complicated.  It uses simple terminology and basic ideas to help you get a budget set up for your family….a budget you can stick to!

Wisebread Review by Linsey Knerl

This book has all the solid principles of an upper level finance class, but without all the jargon. Anyone with the ability to swipe a credit card can read and understand the sound advice in this book. … This 58-page book and included worksheets reinforce this thinking with useful advice, practical tips, and compassion and caring like few other books on the market have shown. With Craig’s clever style of writing, it gives you hope for a better financial future via a solid method you can rely on: a budget.

Canadian Finance Blog review by Tom Drake

While The Secret to a Successful Budget sets out steps for creating an effective budget, Craig also shows other budgeting methods so you can find the way that works for you. … A one size fits all approach does not work for budgeting. Whether you get paid monthly, bi-weekly or through freelance work, this book has tips for you. If you still can’t pay all your bills, or if you have money leftover, the book has answers for each situation.

The Saved Quarter review by Penny Saver

This book gives a practical and straightforward approach to making, and more important, sticking with a budget. In the book, Craig outlines five methods of making a budget, so you can find the style that fits you best. He also shares suggestions beyond the “how to” to help you overcome budget challenges, like communicating with your spouse, how to tweak your budget as you work with it, and how to budget with an irregular income.

Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff sent the following in an email:

This is a great reference for everything budget!  Those looking to start are walked through the budgeting process.  People who already budget can pick up new tips along the way.  I really enjoyed the inside look at Craig’s personal finance journey and the stories he used to illustrate his points!

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    I’m glad that you focused not only on the analytical aspect of budgeting and saving but also the psychological aspects. Being motivated to budget and save can really be half the battle and can be just as important as the analytical side of things.

    • says

      I completely agree about the importance of the psychological aspect. You’re right – it is at least half the battle if not more :).

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