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I recently asked you for some feedback.  In case you’re interested, I’m going to share some of those results with you today.

Let me say thank you to each of you who took time to complete the survey. 

Your feedback came at a good time, as I’ve been needing some encouragement and direction for this site.

Now, on to the results …


This surprised me.  Last time I did a similar survey (perhaps a year ago), getting out of debt was the most popular topic request.  But, I realized you’ve evolved (but, not in an evolutionary sort of way).

First, people want Bible and money.  God must be smiling now.

Second, half of you want help/tips/discussions on the topic of investing.  My wife suggests that it is because I helped you get out of debt, so now I need to help you learn how to invest.


Ha! Gluttons for punishment.  I can’t believe that I used to let my college professors read my term papers without charging a fee.  Looks like 40% of you are happy with me twiddling away in front a keyboard.  35% voted independent because you couldn’t make up your mind (or you really don’t care).  I guess that means that 25% of you will be disappointed because, due to the response, I guess I won’t be adding staff writers. 


These results were actually the most surprising to me.  I figured that 95% of you wouldn’t read them.  I find it hard to believe that 37% of you actually like reading my roundups.  As for the writing of roundups, I’d put them somewhere between ‘I never like it’ and ‘they’re OK’.  I guess we can meet half way and have a few a month.

I like Money Help for Christians because …

Four key words, phrases, or concepts kept repeating:

  1. Christian Focus, perspective, topics.  That was a theme in more than half of the responses.  Since that is the most important element of this site, I’m glad so many of you recognize it and appreciate it. 
  2. Easy to understand.  To be honest, sometimes I really want to use my big Bible words to show off, but in the end, I, too, prefer that you have an idea of what I’m talking about.
  3. Trustworthy. Please email your credit card number to mhforc at gmail dot com and we’ll see how trustworthy I really am.  :)
  4. Thought Provoking. Jackpot.  This is one thing I constantly try do to – challenge your thinking.  You should know that I write stuff that sometimes I even disagree with (somewhat) just to give us all an opportunity to grow and think. 

I hate MH4C because …  AKA If I could change one thing about Money Help for Christians, it would be …

  1. Nothing.  More than half of you said you would change nothing.  Hmmm.
  2. A forum. That would be really cool, but also demands a lot of time.  As many of you know, in about a year I plan to make a transition to full-time writing, blogging, seminars and lessons on this topic … at that time, I might have more time on my hands.
  3. Be more specific / practical.  I’ve recognized this, but find it hard to address.  Since I live in Papua New Guinea, what I do to save money or earn money is quite different than what you do.  For example, last month I paid $275 for my internet service for the month.  That’s a serious expense.  However, nothing I could say about that topic would actually mean anything to you.
  4. More interactive. Yup.  This is a weakness.  I should do better responding to all your questions and comments.
  5. Improve page readability.  I figured a white background would be the easiest to read.  I’ll see what I can do.  As for making the screen wider, that will be hard to do as some people won’t get everything to fit into their monitor. 

Someone mentioned reducing the number of emails each week.  Check out my subscribe page where you can select either weekly newsletter or every time I post.

Suggested Topics:

In order of frequency suggested:

  1. Investing
  2. Retirement
  3. Budgeting
  4. Debt Reduction
  5. Earn More Money
  6. Spouse / Family Money
  7. General Finances: Insurance, education …

I won’t share the general comments because it will make me blush.  So many of you said very positive things.  Thank you.


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