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First off, this has very little to do with my favorite topics like missional frugality and transformational finances.

As some of you know, I’m on furlough and I’ve been visiting old and new friends over the last few months.  Interestingly, several people who know me and read my blog have been interested to know if I bought a Mac or a PC.

The answer is both.  Sort of.

After laboring over the decision for months, I arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming without an idea of what I was going to buy.  However, one day I decided to read back through all the comments from my post here at MH4C, and it sounded like 80% of you were Mac sales people.  Seriously, you guys ought to get a commission.  As a result,  I bought a Mac.

I got the Mac.  Loved it.  But, there was one big problem.

The programs that I was accustomed to using had to be either upgraded or were unavailable on Mac.  I decided that it was going to cost too much money to get all my programs on a Mac, so I returned it – only because of the extra cost.

Next, I tried to order a Lenovo Thinkpad.  I started looking at the Thinkpad because of the comments by Bill Moore who provided some great thoughts in the comment section.

I bought the ThinkPad. Three weeks later, the computer still hadn’t arrived.  Finally, I was informed that the computer I ordered was unavailable.  That was a turn off, so I went on the hunt again.

The next purchase was a Toshiba Portege.  I was actually quite excited about the computer as it was highly recommended from a few sources that I trust.  It was the exact type of computer I was looking for.

When the computer arrived, I opened it up and was immediately impressed by the weight.  However, with the light weight came a very cheap feel to the computer.  I know feelings can be misleading, but I had a bad feeling.

When I started up the computer, it was painfully slow starting up and opening programs.

After a weekend with the computer, I decided that I spent too much time trying to find an alternative to the MacBook Pro.  At some point, one needs to value their time more than money, so I’m once again a proud owner of a MacBook Pro.  And I’m loving it.  Sure, there are a few things I need to learn how to do with Mac, but the things I’ve figured out are sweet.

It’s an early feeling, but I have a feeling that I’ll never go back to a PC again.

So, yes, I bought a MacBook Pro.

I bought the Mac from with an AMEX credit card.

Here’s why:

  1. You can get the Apple Care for a great price from Amazon (I haven’t bought it yet).
  2. I could get an extra 1 US Airways miles per dollar spent at Amazon. (I’m also a travel blogger, so I like to get extra miles when I can.)
  3. Amazon sent the computer super fast.
  4. There were no taxes to pay.

Thanks to everyone who offered their feedback and opinions.  I’m glad the decision has been made because I think I killed far too many brain cells laboring over the decision.  (And my wife is even more glad!)


  1. says

    Well, I couldn’t be happier for you. ;)

    I’m a little jealous, but not in a covetous way! I would love to upgrade and get a new MBP, but I have to be thankful that my old MB is still working like a champ after 4 years (longer than my Dell did) because we don’t have money for a new computer at the moment.

    Enjoy your machine! You’ll love it even more as you get to know it.


    • says

      I hope I don’t become a stumbling block for you because of my fancy new computer. Seriously, I’m very happy with it and I only hope that continues.

  2. says

    Congratulations on your MBP, Craig. I’m sure it will work out well for you. I’m a bit in the same boat as you, in that two of my primary programs either require Windows as the OS (Nota Bene) or run better thus far in the Windows version than the Mac version (Logos 4).

    I’m sorry that the ThinkPad didn’t arrive in a timely manner. I would love to have read your take on it. If you don’t mind, speak to the heat issue (or lack thereof) concerning your Mac. My old HP Pavilion was like a small heater after I installed a faster HDD and updated its BIOS, great for winter but not so for summer!. I’ve read similar things about larger MBP’s (15″ and 17″), but I have no first-hand experience with them. My son-in-law has a 13″ MB and it seems fairly cool.

    • says

      Thank you for all the time you invested in the comments to help me find the right computer.

      I did upgrade to Logos 4, but one thing that I decided I would do even if I stayed with Windows.

      At this point I haven’t had any heat issues. However, when we get back to PNG (next week) and the computer is in 90 degree weather I’ll be able to see how it really does with the heat.

  3. says

    Sounds like it was quite a hunt! I have a Mac now too (after being a long-time PC user) and am enjoying it. The only bit of software that I had trouble getting to work on it was Quicken, but a call to Quicken’s support got me going.

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