The 21 “Best of” The Best of Money Blogs 2009

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Last week I suggested the Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs to Read In 2010.  That list, however, was strictly compiled based on my personal preferences.  Today I wanted to find a more mathematically way to declare the best personal finance blogs of 2009.

In June 2009 Free Money Finance started a a blog carnival called the Best of Money Carnival.  Each week the host chooses the top 10 personal finances blog posts from the previous week.  I really enjoyed the carnival and even had 9 best of money articles that I wrote on my own site.  In addition I had three articles I authored that were published on other sites that were chosen best of money.

After following the selections from the 2009 Best of Money Carnivals I started to wonder who was chosen most often?  Who most frequently had the highest ranked posts?

So I began a journey.  My mission was to indentify and honor the best blogs that had the most articles selected in 2009.  These are my results …

21 Best Personal Finance Blogs in 2009

Most Frequently Included in the Best of Money Carnival

The following list reflects the total number of times the blogger had his or her blog post included in the Best of Money Carnival.

21 Best Personal Finance Blogs in 2009

Highest Cumulative Rank

The following list gives each blog extra rank depending on its position in a given carnival.  A #1 article earned the blog 10 points. A #2 article earned the blog  9 points , #3 = 8 etc.  A few of the carnivals did not clearly indicate their order so in those cases I gave all articles in that carnival 5 points.  Based on my calculations this list indicates the blogs with the highest cumulative points.  For the sake of simplicity I only included blogs from the list above as I assumed they would also have the highest cumulative points.

Rank Blog Total Cumulative Points
1 Man Vs. Debt 82
2 The Digerati Life 73
3 Free Money Finance 70
4 Budgets Are Sexy 67
5 Wealth Pilgrim 66
6 Frugally Green 57
7 Darwin’s Finance 54
8 Good Financial Cents 52
9 Get Rich Slowly 47
10 Cash Money Life 43
10 Financial Highway
11 Christian PF 42
12 Money Ning 37
13 Money Help For Christians
14 Debt Free Adventure 34
15 Enemy of Debt 32
16 Bargaineering 31
17 Provident Plan 26
18 Bible Money Matters 25
18 My Life ROI 25
19 PT Money 23
Congratulations to Free Money Finance and Man Vs. Debt for an outstanding 2009.
To all my fellow personal finance bloggers I look forward to seeing more of your quality content in 2010.
Photo by mo mughrabi.
So which blog do you think should be #1?  The total articles included or the cumulative score?


    • Craig says

      @PT Money
      I completely agree. It is nice to be in the company of so many good bloggers – including you. I’m a new kid on the block and a lot of my blogging ‘hero’s’ are on this list.

    • Craig says

      @ Kevin
      FMF writes about 4 times more than the average blogger. And to top it off – it is always good stuff. You should check it out. You’d be interested to know that every Sunday he posts on the Bible and money.

    • Craig says

      You’ve certainly had a stellar blogging year so you deserve to be on the list.
      Keep up the good work and enjoy your travels.

    • Craig says

      @Financial Samurai
      The club is open to all bloggers. I just added the numbers :). I do hope to see your name on the list next year.
      PNG is hot, but I’d take it over the Canadian cold.
      I had a great birthday and New Year. Thanks for asking.

  1. says

    Those are a great list of blogs, I enjoy most of them but a few are new to me. Thanks great post and looking forward to many more.

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