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    I have a 403(b) and make Roth contributions into it. My favorite part about the 403(b) for ministers the the housing allowance that ministers can receive from the plan. They can contribute pre-tax dollars into the plan and withdraw the funds tax free as long as the funds are used for their housing expenses. (The amount a minister is eligible for is equal to their actual housing expenses for the year or the fair rental value, whichever is the lesser of the two.)

    Good summary!

  2. Scott F says

    Love mine. One of the best ones out there is TIAA-CREF. Very solid with very low fees and has been around a very long time.

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    Great Tim! Thanks for sharing the info regarding the housing allowance for ministers. Hopefully that helps some people.

    Scott, that’s good to hear. Low fees are very important to overall return.

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