Thanksgiving Roundup

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My two oldest kids made “thankfulness turkeys”.  Hannah is thankful for – rain (see pictures below), trees, nose, grandma and grandpa, house, and plants.

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving! 

MH4C On the Web:

Posted at Bible Money Matters – More Vs. Less: Which Is Better?

Posted at ChristianPF – Should Christian Websites Charge A Fee?

50 Christmas Gift Ideas: Make Your Own Personalized Gifts was included in the Wise Bread Best of Personal Finance Roundup: Does Your Investment Strategy Need to be on Ritalin?


Carnival of Personal Finance Thanksgiving Survival Edition

Festival of Frugality


Posts I enjoyed reading this week:

Wise Bread has a fantastic article on how Banks Can Manipulate Your Transactions, Then Charge You 1750% Overdraft Fee.  Watch your back!

Freelance Folder introduces Five Useful Ways Dropbox Can Improve Your Business.  I had not heard of Dropbox so I enjoyed being introduced to its free features.

Million Dollar Journey shares 3 Principles of Successful Investors Part 2

Here’s some food for thought from that article:

Studies, such as the Dalbar study, consistently show that the average investor makes only about 1/3 of the return of the investments they own. In other words, 60-67% of lifetime returns are lost by performance chasing, speculative euphoria at peaks, panic capitulation at market bottoms, market timing, buying investments because of recent returns and other similar investing mistakes. These mistakes result from “short term-ism” (short term viewpoint) and cost on average 600 basis points per year (6%/year).

ChristianPF shares 10 places kids can eat for free.  While there are none of those chains here, I thought some of you might enjoy the list.

PT Money has a guest post by Jay Peroni that discusses  Ten Financial Moves to Consider Before 2009 Ends.

Rainy Thanksgiving (PNG Style)


We had a rainy Thanksgiving.  Our 9000 liter water tank was overflowing by early morning and it rained all day.  Our garden enjoyed the water.

We are thankful for the rain because 1/2 of the time we have no town water and drink, wash, and shower from the rain water we collect in the tank.






How to build a frugal swimming pool:  move to PNG and enjoy the rain.  This is our backyard after a heavy Thanksgiving rain.

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