Thanks for Reading Roundup

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I just wanted to take a moment today and thank you, my readers, for being such a fantastic group of people.  I’ve loved my introduction to the blogging world, and the experience has been a blessing because of my interaction with so many of you.  Thank you.

I pray that God will continue to watch over you and bless you in your activities this week.

Voting Time

Money Help For Christians was nominated as one of five finalists in the ‘Best Religious Finance Blog’ category.  I’m extremely thankful to be included on that list with some other fantastic blogs. 

If you want to take time to do some voting head over to the Plutus Awards.  Here’s a list of all the blog that were nominated in the Best Religious Finance Blog category. 

  • Bible Money Matters
  • Christian Personal Finance
  • Debt Free Adventure
  • Money Help for Christians
  • Redeeming Riches
  • Some Great Articles I’ve Recently Read

    My Strategy for Giving Away Millions by Bob at Christian Personal Finance.

    Can You Trust Personal Finance Bloggers? by Mike, The Oblivious Investor.

    Ryan (aka Patrick) at Cash Money Life shares How We Manage Our Money on a Daily Basis.

    Jason at Frugal Dad offers us 9 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance.

    Joe at Personal Finance By the Book asks When Does Saving Turn To Hoarding?

    Carnivals I’ve Participated In

    Carnival of Personal Finance #246

    Carnival of Personal Finance #245  "Dollar Doodles" edition

    Festival of Frugality #218

    Carnival of Money Stories 2

    Best of Money Carnival


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