Transforming Your Financial Diet Seminar Planning and Feedback

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I’m wondering if you can help me think through the feasibility/practicality of something I’ve been working on, praying about, and getting excited about.  I would really appreciate your honest feedback.  It should only take 5 – 10 minutes of your time.

I’m in the process of putting together a financial class/seminar/lessons for Christians.

A synopsis of the seminar:

Transforming Your Financial Diet Seminars seek to teach Christians how to avoid lifestyle inflation so they can fully enjoy the blessings of generous giving.

Premise #1: Without barriers or boundaries, we naturally consume in excess. 

This is also called lifestyle inflation.  What if we learned to put similar limits on our spending?
 What if we could avoid lifestyle inflation?

The result would be that there would be more for giving, supporting missionaries, and giving to ministries that work with the poor.

Premise #2: There is a problem with our current view and practice of money and giving.

Troubling stats that show Evangelical Christians are giving very low amounts.

Premise #3.  Money is a catalyst in our lives. 

It motivates action.  It is also a common temptation to man.  There is a magnetic relationship between the human heart and money.  Our goal is to full master and control our money.

After laying the foundation, I teach 7 practical steps to transform your financial diet.

  1. Take inventory of your blessings.
  2. Spend less than you earn.
  3. Establish an eternal perspective.
  4. Determine how much is enough.
  5. Determine portions and set limits.
  6. Identify and buy only truly valuable items.
  7. Pursue a lifestyle that fits your call and mission.

Other Course Details

The proposed seminar would be a 3-hour one-night seminar (or other format) where I could teach the principles from my book Transforming Your Financial Diet.

To give your feedback and answer five questions please click here (all responses are anonymous to help encourage your honest feedback):