Dave Ramsey Review: Should Christians Build Wealth Like Crazy?

On the bottom of every page in the book The Total Money Makeover Dave Ramsey writes the words, “Live like no one else, so that you can live like no one else.”  Unfortunately, Dave Ramsey never completely defines what that means.  My understanding of the phrase is something like this - “don’t buy something now, so that in the future you can buy something better.”  This makes me wonder: Do I … [Read more...]

Dave Ramsey: An Introduction For New Fans

Dave Ramsey is a household name when it comes to personal finances.  He is by far the leading financial coach in America.  And I’ll be honest I am a big Ramsey fan.  I listen to his radio show on podcast and this Christmas I gave everyone in my family the book The Total Money Makeover.  For a few week I wanted to post on some of the things I think are great about Dave Ramsey … [Read more...]

88 Best Personal Finance Books: As Recommended by Personal Finance Bloggers

How I compiled the list of books of best personal finance books: I read through several personal finance posts that included the best personal finance books.  If a blogger suggested the book, I gave that book a thumbs up.  The book with the most thumbs up is number one. Note: Some authors listed the best persoanl finance books according to category. I did not.  Some authors restricted … [Read more...]