Who are the Most Influential Voices in Christian Finance?

He asked me, “Who are currently the most influential voices in Christian finance?” I was having dinner with some friends and met someone who asked me the question above.  I gave an answer, but in the end I wondered if I’m the worst person in the world to answer that question. I’ve been living in a cave of sorts. It’s not a literal cave, but I’ve lived outside of the North American … [Read more...]

The Most Interesting Thing We Do With Stuff, Store It

I’m a hypocrite.  Just thought I’d let you know that up front. My stuff is not scattered across any one country, but around the world. Somewhere in Houston, Texas (I honestly don’t know exactly where), our family has a piano and a curio cabinet.  Those where two items we decided not to bring to Papua New Guinea when we moved here.  I think they are in someone’s house … [Read more...]

What it Really Means When You Buy Stock

When considering investing in stocks, there is a lot that we must learn. First we must determine whether we have the time/knowledge to choose our own investments or if we should take a more passive route (hiring a broker, passive index investing, choosing age-related mutual funds, etc). Then we must figure out our investing temperament and risk tolerance,  decide on an length of time to stay … [Read more...]