Five Things For Young People – Here is #6: Develop a Giving Heart

Yesterday I was at the store and was checking out.  I paid with cash as I always do according to our family credit card use guidelines.  Typically I am pretty good with math, but somehow I got flustered and couldn’t get the math straight. I ended up giving the cashier 46.10 for a 36.02 purchase (instead of 36.10). Moral of the story: I am not infallible and make mistakes. This post is one I … [Read more...]

Revealed: Why You Should Rent an Apartment Till You Have at Least 20% Down

Your single most important purchase will be your home. While some of the other decisions you make while you are younger might be non-fatal the choice you make in regards to a home will probably impact you for decades. You will need to be patient and save up at least 20% so you have a decent down payment towards your first home. Also if you are married, purchase the home based on only … [Read more...]

The Real Truth About Borrowing Money To Buy Cars

In many ways convenience and lack of patience is the enemy of financial prosperity. Loans could be a statement about your selfishness.  A loan says I don’t have the money, but I want this and I want it now. Here are some important facts about car loans: The average American car loan payment is $400 per month. A 48 month used car average interest rate is currently 7.91%. Let’s say you … [Read more...]

Smart Money Move, Marry Someone with a Clue about Money

A smart money move for young people is to make a decision to marry someone who has a clue about money. Here are the five things you can decide now to avoid YEARS of financial regret: Decide you will pay for and save for as much for college cost as possible. Decide to marry someone who has a clue about money. Decide to work during the summer if not during the school year. Decide to … [Read more...]

Avoid $13,160 in Interest Payments & Get a College Degree

Too many people are playing financial catch-up. They made a dumb mistake or several dumb mistakes that unintentionally put them years behind on their current financial goals. In this upcoming series will look at the things you (as a young adult) can decide now to avoid YEARS of financial regret. Here's the topics we'll cover: Decide you will pay for and save for as much for … [Read more...]

Upcoming Series: Five Financial Decisions Every Young Person Should Make

Next week June 22 – 26th, 2009 I am going to be posting Monday – Friday that week on financial issues pertaining to young people ages sixteen – college senior.  Though this series is directly at teens, parents of teens might also find this information helpful.  Not a part of that age group?  Check back and offer some of your advice and insights in the comments section. Here’s why I wrote the … [Read more...]