Do It Yourself Taxes | 4 Reasons to Consider at Home Tax Software

For the last decade, I've done my own taxes.  When I've done it myself I've always used Turbo Tax to do my taxes. I think it's such good idea that I'm willing to make this bold statement: I think that everyone should do their own taxes at least once. Why Should You Do It Yourself Taxes with a Home Tax Software? Let me clarify that there are some of you who should continue to use an … [Read more...]

The Best TurboTax Discounts | Save 35% Off

If you’ve been an MH4C reader for long, you know that I do my own taxes (I also advise others to start a free filing online just to learn about taxes) and I file with Turbotax. Looking for the best prices on Turbo Tax for the 2012 tax year?  Get more details on this post. However, after doing just a few minutes of research, I feel like I’ve passed up some money saving TurboTax discounts that … [Read more...]

Turbo Tax or CPA | What is the Best Way to File Taxes?

One of the two certainties in life, so they say, are death and taxes. In my short life, I have had way too many interactions with governments.  I’ve been detained by the US customs, waited for hours in lines at US immigration offices, read hundreds of documents of boring legal mumbo jumbo about applying for a work permit, applying for temporary residence, applying for conditional permanent … [Read more...]