What To Do When God Gives Bad Financial Advice

As Christians, we sometimes stand under the Word of God, and sometimes we stand over the Word of God. We are currently hearing two types of financial advice.  The first is coming from financial gurus, and the second comes from the Word of God.  I’m amazed at how often those to bits of advice agree.  However, there are clearly times when the biblical advice differs from the advice of financial … [Read more...]

How To Be A Good Financial Steward Without Obsessing About Money

New Weekly Post: Ask A Question Friday An overwhelming majority of my readers (via this survey) liked the idea of a regular post that answers reader’s question spot on this blog.  At the time I am writing this post: 72% think the reader answers would be interesting (and I hope it is!). 25% of you are impartial. 3% of you think the idea would be boring.  To that three percent, I apologize … [Read more...]

Stewardship: About More Than Money

When a church leader says he is going to talk about stewardship the church automatically expects that the preacher is going to talk about giving and tithing.  Unfortunately, we do a disservice to our churches when we think that stewardship and giving are synonymous terms.  Stewardship includes giving, but is not defined only by giving.  Stewardship has a much broader definition that if properly … [Read more...]

Tithing (Giving) While in Debt

The following is a question related to giving/tithing while in debt that a  reader emailed to me: How do you balance good stewardship and putting God first – or is there a difference? Let’s say you have gotten into a lot of debt, learned a lot of hard lessons and are doing everything possible to improve your financial situation. You have worked diligently to cut expenses wherever possible and … [Read more...]