Using Frequent Flyer Miles | How I’ve Been Able to Fly 36,000 Miles and Spend 37 Nights in Hotels in 2012

I'm committed to living a frugal and simple lifestyle, and I travel more than most people would be willing to dream about. How? I already tried to explain it once on my travel blog when I wrote how to get an almost free around the world trip with six credit card applications.  But, I realized I haven't explained it here, and you folks are the most likely to wonder how can I afford to travel … [Read more...]

What Does the Bible Teach About Spending Money?

There are two common feelings associated with spending – guilt and pleasure (which may lead to indulgence). At times people feel one or the other of those emotions, and at times they feel both. Either extreme is terribly dangerous. An overly guilty conscience makes it difficult to honor the generosity of the Father. If God is the Source of all we have then ultimately it is a blessing to be … [Read more...]

Spending Money and Guilt: A Christian Conversation

In that last couple of weeks I have read two books by Christian authors, and the underlying assumption about wealth is completely opposite.  So today I am going to let them go head to head and duke it out. In this corner weighing in at 160 pages, sporting a green cover with gold print is a 1991 book written by Dexter Yager with Ron Ball … A Millionaire's Common Sense Approach to … [Read more...]