4 Reasons Why Short Term Missions is Worth the Cost

In the next few months, we'll likely see another summer surge of short term mission trips. I think that's a good thing. I've even got some money where my mouth is. So, why would I, or should you give your hard earned money to a short term mission trip? 4 Reasons Why I Support Short Term Missions 1. It positively impacts the short term missionary. I can't say for certain, but one of the … [Read more...]

11 Missionary Care Package Ideas

Missionaries live with their feet firmly planted on two plots of ground. Most people don’t realize how much missionaries become attached to the countries where they work.  In fact, missionaries change and begin to share the values and worldview of their host country.  The host country starts to feel normal, and sometimes even more normal than their home country. Nevertheless, no matter how long … [Read more...]

Short Term Mission Trips: Worth The Cost?

Most churches are currently rallying the troops and recruiting for upcoming summer mission trips.  As a full time missionary, a person who went on a few short term mission trips, one who has hosted short term mission trips, and one who just released a book on short term missions (Short Term Missions Handbook), I want to address an important question associated with short term mission trips – … [Read more...]

Short Term Missions Handbook

Over the last few months my wife and I have spent our evenings huddled around our laptops. Earlier this year we were talking about some of our short term missions experiences.  Somehow by the end the conversation we decided we would co-authoring a book written specifically for short term missionaries. The book walks you through all of the important stages of mission trip planning – pre-trip … [Read more...]

Upcoming eBook Weekly Roundup

This has been a busy few weeks in the Ford house.  My wife and I have just finished up writing an eBook - Short Term Missions Handbook: A Guide for First Time Short Termers and a Reference For the Rest.  If you know someone who will be going on a short term mission trip overseas, let them know that the book will be released early next month.  I’m going to be offering a discounted … [Read more...]