10 Ways to Save Money During Black Friday

10 Ways to Save Money During Black Friday Don't Shop - Honestly, don't use Black Friday as an excuse to cast aside discipline and spend money! There is no law that says you must shop on the day after Thanksgiving. We never go shopping on Black Friday (just don't ask about Cyber Monday)! Research - Details about the various sales that will be available can be found all over the … [Read more...]

Expensive Shopping is Good | How To Shop For Value, Not Price

For a long time I’ve been on the frugal or cheap fence.  One day I think frugal accurately describes me, and then the next day I jump ship and find myself firmly planted in the cheap camp. Here’s another question we can ask to help differentiate between frugal and cheap. Do you buy things based on what they cost, or do you buy things based on what you get? I think that cheap people buy based … [Read more...]

How To Get A Good Deal When Shopping

Some folks are so enamored with the price.  They think a good deal is all about price.  I am a recovering price addict.  I used to think the lower the price the better.  However, I’m coming to realize a good deal can only be found when one factors in both the price and the value of an item. Consider the following fictional conversation: Low Price Lover: “I got a great deal on my new … [Read more...]

What Does the Bible Teach About Spending Money?

There are two common feelings associated with spending – guilt and pleasure (which may lead to indulgence). At times people feel one or the other of those emotions, and at times they feel both. Either extreme is terribly dangerous. An overly guilty conscience makes it difficult to honor the generosity of the Father. If God is the Source of all we have then ultimately it is a blessing to be … [Read more...]

How I Got Started Shopping Second Hand

I previously introduced one of the many advantages to shopping at second hand stores.  In this post I want to introduce you to how I got into second hand shopping. I am finding more and more the majority of my clothes were purchased second hand. Sometime in December 2005 my wife and I discovered we had a dangerous mold situation in our apartment.  Within hours of our reporting the situation we … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tip: Pronto

Pronto (www.pronto.com) is a great site to bookmark if you frequently purchase items online. What is Pronto? Pronto is a website that searches different online retailers to establish the cheapest price.  In just a couple of easy steps you can save both time and money. How to Use Pronto: When you go to Pronto you will see the following image.  In the “search our site for" section, just … [Read more...]

Shopping at Second Hand Stores: Advantage #1

Technorati Tags: cheap,clothing,shoes,used,second hand Are you too proud to shop at second hand stores?  Are you concerned about the quality of clothing?  Not worth your effort. I am going to be sharing a series of posts with the hope to get you to at least consider putting on a hat and some dark glasses and heading into a second hand store. Exhibit #1: A pair of Asics running shoes … [Read more...]