Ten Things You Should Always Buy Second Hand

Stop.  Don’t take that trip to Wal-Mart.  Stay way from Sears.  Avoid your local mall.  You might end up at those destinations eventually,  but first check out your local second hand store.  Once I got started shopping second hand I found it hard to go back to shopping retail.  I get satisfaction from (1) knowing I am getting a good deal, (2) knowing I’m helping charitable organizations, and (3) … [Read more...]

How I Got Started Shopping Second Hand

I previously introduced one of the many advantages to shopping at second hand stores.  In this post I want to introduce you to how I got into second hand shopping. I am finding more and more the majority of my clothes were purchased second hand. Sometime in December 2005 my wife and I discovered we had a dangerous mold situation in our apartment.  Within hours of our reporting the situation we … [Read more...]