Should I Save For Retirement or Give that Money Instead?

Editor’s note: I wrote this article a long time ago (August).  I’ve never been closer to pulling an article off my posting schedule (I’m writing this within three hours of posting time).  In some posts, like this one, I try to challenge your thinking without necessarily dictating an action for you.  I’m trying to challenge traditional thinking in light of the gospel.  If your thinking was … [Read more...]

How Can Christians Find A Right Saving Balance?

In response to the post what does the bible teach about saving money a reader left a comment and asked : We must find the right – God pleasing – balance of saving." How would you know what that is? If I save to maintain the same lifestyle (based on my income) that I want in retirement that I have in my working years, that would be different for each person. Who gets to decide (judge) what is … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Saving Money While Raising Kids

Many future parents are worried about the costs of raising children.  I certainly was.  However, with three little kids running around my house, my wife and I have discovered that there are some simple actions or attitude changes that greatly reduce the cost of raising children.  Since our family decided to live on one income, it became necessary to minimize our expenses.  We have practiced (or … [Read more...]