The Best TurboTax Discounts | Save 35% Off

If you’ve been an MH4C reader for long, you know that I do my own taxes (I also advise others to start a free filing online just to learn about taxes) and I file with Turbotax. Looking for the best prices on Turbo Tax for the 2012 tax year?  Get more details on this post. However, after doing just a few minutes of research, I feel like I’ve passed up some money saving TurboTax discounts that … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

I talk with a lot of people who wish they could save a little more each month with their grocery bill.  Sometimes, the difference in amounts spent for food can be upwards of $100 -$200 per month for similar sized families.  Interestingly, most of the people I know who have their grocery budget under control utilize some or all of the tips below. Plan a Month’s Worth of Meals. If you’re like our … [Read more...]

Using the Time Value of Money to Inspire You to Save

What would you like to save for? A nice retirement? Dream vacation? Capital to start a business? Do you find it difficult to save money? If so, maybe it's because you don't realize the power of saving consistently over time. But once you are able to grasp the power of this, you just might be more willing to make saving a regular habit. What is the Time Value of Money? As one of the most … [Read more...]

How to Save Up To $500 A Year Dining Out

The post today is a guest post from Brenda Stokes.  If you would like to write a guest post check out the guest post guidelines.  Brenda Stokes writes for, offering tips and advice to help you save money on your bills. You can read more dining tips at If you’ve been through any drive-thru lately, you know that it isn’t cheap anymore. A meal of burgers, fries and … [Read more...]

Negotiating for Negotiaphobics: Negotiate Better With This One Skill

I am a bad negotiator.  I hope you won’t remember that when I write my first post on six tips to negotiate successfully.  When I recognized how poorly I negotiated, I decided to buy the book Negotiating For Dummies.  It was a dollar at a second hand store so I thought I could learn something.  Unfortunately, the book did not give me a single tool that I actually applied.  Theoretically, the ideas … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Save Money by Organizing a Frugal Community

The North American culture is extremely individualistic.  Individuals own all of their own items.  If something is missing from a person’s repertoire of ownership they take a trip to Walmart or Target and then become the proud owner of yet another item.  This individualism is not indicative of the world culture.  Many culture groups live in community settings.  Within the community people have … [Read more...]

Six Habits of the Financially Fit

Physical fitness is obvious.  Several years ago when I was on a plane a guy walked onboard.  His arms where massive and muscular.  The extra large T-shirt could barely contain his bulging muscles.  It took me about a quarter of a millisecond to come to the conclusion – this guy must work out – a lot.  We know that there are certain criteria to being physically fit.  The two most obvious factors … [Read more...]

Ten Things You Should Always Buy Second Hand

Stop.  Don’t take that trip to Wal-Mart.  Stay way from Sears.  Avoid your local mall.  You might end up at those destinations eventually,  but first check out your local second hand store.  Once I got started shopping second hand I found it hard to go back to shopping retail.  I get satisfaction from (1) knowing I am getting a good deal, (2) knowing I’m helping charitable organizations, and (3) … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tip: Pronto

Pronto ( is a great site to bookmark if you frequently purchase items online. What is Pronto? Pronto is a website that searches different online retailers to establish the cheapest price.  In just a couple of easy steps you can save both time and money. How to Use Pronto: When you go to Pronto you will see the following image.  In the “search our site for" section, just … [Read more...]

Shopping at Second Hand Stores: Advantage #1

Technorati Tags: cheap,clothing,shoes,used,second hand Are you too proud to shop at second hand stores?  Are you concerned about the quality of clothing?  Not worth your effort. I am going to be sharing a series of posts with the hope to get you to at least consider putting on a hat and some dark glasses and heading into a second hand store. Exhibit #1: A pair of Asics running shoes … [Read more...]