The Best TurboTax Discounts | Save 35% Off

If you’ve been an MH4C reader for long, you know that I do my own taxes (I also advise others to start a free filing online just to learn about taxes) and I file with Turbotax. Looking for the best prices on Turbo Tax for the 2012 tax year?  Get more details on this post. However, after doing just a few minutes of research, I feel like I’ve passed up some money saving TurboTax discounts that … [Read more...]

Upcoming eBook Weekly Roundup

This has been a busy few weeks in the Ford house.  My wife and I have just finished up writing an eBook - Short Term Missions Handbook: A Guide for First Time Short Termers and a Reference For the Rest.  If you know someone who will be going on a short term mission trip overseas, let them know that the book will be released early next month.  I’m going to be offering a discounted … [Read more...]

Overdue Weekly Roundup

Since switching my schedule a little bit, I’ve found it hard to find a good place to fit my blog roundups.  This is going to be a quick roundup with links from the last couple of weeks. My big news My guest post 6 False Assumptions About Debt Free Living was included in the Consumerist personal finance roundup.  The Consumerist is the number one blog in the personal finance niche, so … [Read more...]

A Special Birthday Thank You: Roundup

This week I celebrated my birthday.  Yes, I’m one of those unfortunate few who celebrates Christmas and birthday together.  Honestly, it actually never really bothered me much growing up.  But, I digress … This year my wife gave me an amazing birthday present.  She gave me the gift of encouragement.  She contacted several readers who subscribe to MH4C Special Reports and other financial … [Read more...]