Internet in the Jungle – Amazing: Roundup

This picture was taken across the bay from Alotau – my hometown.  The buildings at the base of the mountain are in Alotau.  Our family just returned from a nice relaxing vacation at Ulumani Village.  The simple cottage is nestled in the thick forest of the Milne Bay Province.  For a few hours a day a generator provides the necessary electricity for lights, fans, and … [Read more...]

Black Pancake Roundup

This morning daddy decided to make pancakes for the family.  My children are not accustomed to eating black pancakes.  In fact, they typically prefer golden brown ones. My daughter found a pancake that was as ‘normal’ looking as possible and slowly digested the item as if it were a live animal. Daddy is no longer able to make pancakes in our home. We are having friends over for … [Read more...]

It’s December, WOW: Roundup

The clock is ticking.  Christmas is coming.  While most of you are enjoying the cold weather we are dealing with temperatures in the mid 90’s.  Our air conditioning went out in the truck this week so I do wish I was in a cooler climate. I’ve updated my post on 9 Random Facts About Me (and one lie).  Check of the post and you’ll see the lie crossed out. Special Sound Mind … [Read more...]

One Week to Subscribe for a Chance to Win $25

Thanksgiving $25 Give Away Next Friday (Nov. 27th, 2009) one blog subscriber will win $25, and one MH4C Special Reports subscriber will win $25.00 (get more details).  If you are an email subscriber you are automatically entered.  RSS subscribers will need to email me with the code at the bottom of your feed.  Subscribe for free daily email articles. Subscribe for free to the … [Read more...]

How Many Bank Accounts Do You Have?

What’s Your Take?  How Many Financial Accounts Do You Have? This week I had a couple of posts on other sites that I wanted to open up for feedback.  You can either send an email (mhforc at gmail dot com) or leave a comment below.  At Bible Money Matters I asked about How Many Financial Accounts Should You Have? In the post I encouraged readers to simplify their finances. So how many bank and … [Read more...]

MH4C’s New Look: Weekly Roundup

If you are reading today’s post through RSS or email you might want to get over to to see some (what I hope are) improvements to the site.  Through the formatting process I learned something about myself.  I love to write, but I sure do not enjoy the technical aspect of blogging.  Now that the theme is almost set I can get back to focusing on my … [Read more...]

Man Vs. Termites: Weekly Round Up

This week my family had to clear everything out of all our wardrobes, closets, and kitchen cabinets.  While we were in North America for our furlough some flying termites (dry wood terminates) decided to infest all our external wood items.  Fortunately these termites do not get into the wood support in the house.  However, we did need to have an exterminator come and spray around the … [Read more...]

Round Up Without The Roundup Edition

During the last week and a half I have hardly had an opportunity to sit in front of a computer.  The articles you have been reading were written and posted weeks ago.  Our family has now completed the long journey from Houston, Texas to Alotau, Papua New Guinea (PNG).  All told, we spent just over 40 hours either sitting on a plane or sitting in airports waiting for connections.  I am happy to … [Read more...]

G’Day Mate – Weekly Round Up

Our family is now in beautiful Wollongong, Australia.  We had a tiring trip across the Pacific.  Our kids have been waking up at 4 a.m. ready to face each new day.  I would love to include some pictures. However, we left our brand new camera on the flight.  Money Help For Christians Around the Web Best of Money Carnival – Five Ways to Save Time on Your Budget Editors … [Read more...]

Weekly Round Up: I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane Edition

Today’s post is sort of random and contains a little bit of everything.  My life feels a little like that right now.  My family is packed up, and on Sunday, August 30th, we will be starting our journey back to Papua New Guinea. Here’s what we have ahead of us: 3 1/2 hour flight from Houston to Los Angeles (LAX) 4 hour lay over in LAX 11 hour flight from LAX to Nadi, Fiji (NAN) 4 hour … [Read more...]