How To Save Money On Your Home Office

How to Save Money on your Home Office Make your own furniture.  I’ve built all the bookshelves in my office. Buy used furniture at a second hand store or watch for companies going out of business.  A couple of years ago I got two filing cabinets for $15 each when a local Christian bookstore was going out of business. Default your computer to print in draft and black and white. Download a … [Read more...]

Using Robo Form to Organize Your Finances

For approximately three years now I have used a program called RoboForm to help me organize my finances.  I have absolutely loved RoboForm and I think it could help you organize your finances (no, I don’t get a commission for saying that).  If you are looking for a way to organize your internet related financial information, I suggest you check out RoboForm. How I use RoboForm to Organize my … [Read more...]