Rich Young Man Bible Study: What’s The Meaning?

A few weeks ago we looked at the story of the Rich Young Ruler and answered the question what does it say?  In this second part we want to explore answers to the question – what does it mean?  Next week we will answer the question, how does it apply to me? What Is the Meaning Of the Story? The Rich Ruler This story is primarily about allegiances. Who does this man follow? Though he … [Read more...]

Rich Young Ruler: Challenging Bible Verses About Money

Rich (Young) Man: Matthew 19:16-30, Mark 10:17-31, Luke 18:18-30 For the sake of brevity,this study will focus only on Mark’s account. This study will be shared in three separate posts. Part I (This post) – What does it say? Part II – What does it mean? Part III – How does it apply to me? The Rich Ruler in the Bible The Question It is important to determine the tone of the question. So … [Read more...]