An Open Discussion About Wealthy Christians | Part I

Several months ago I asked my friend and fellow blogger, Paul Williams (from Provident Planning), if we could have an email discussion about Christians and wealth.  I think a lot about that topic.  Occasionally I write about it too.  Below are some of my articles on the topic: Is Christian Wealth an Oxymoron? Should Christians Build Wealth Like Crazy? How Can Wealth Strengthen Your … [Read more...]

5 Important Things Every Rich Christian Should Do

For the Christian, money is the ultimate balancing act.  To be rich is not ungodly.  To be poor is not spiritual.  But there is an ungodly way to be rich and there is a way to grow spiritually through poverty. In a recent post I mentioned that I am a rich man when compared to those in the third world. What I did not mention (because I wanted you to struggle a little with that post) is that I … [Read more...]