Should I Save For Retirement or Give that Money Instead?

Editor’s note: I wrote this article a long time ago (August).  I’ve never been closer to pulling an article off my posting schedule (I’m writing this within three hours of posting time).  In some posts, like this one, I try to challenge your thinking without necessarily dictating an action for you.  I’m trying to challenge traditional thinking in light of the gospel.  If your thinking was … [Read more...]

Should Retirement Be The Goal of Life?

Do You Want To Retire Early? The North American Life Trajectory: School. Work. Play. A friend was recently sharing some of his impressions after reading a book, but I forget the title.  The book introduced the three linear main stages of the Western life – school (learn), work, and play.  Typically children go to school from ages 5 – 21.  From there, they join the work force for a … [Read more...]