The Prophets and Personal Finance: Haggai

Photo by Atwater Village Newbie Put God First The nation of Israel experienced a dark time in their history as they were exiled – cast out from their homes and land.  However, eventually people were given permission to return back to Jerusalem.  As they returned there were so many things to rebuild and repair.  The people quickly went to work building their homes, improving their homes, and … [Read more...]

The Prophets and Personal Finance: Joel

Photo by macroninja Like many of the Minor Prophets the book of Joel is a story of both impending destruction and restoration.  There is this legion of locust set to come upon the people.  What remains is destruction.  That destruction is financial in nature.  As the Bible often does, Joel relates the destruction to the relationship with God.  After speaking of this terrible turmoil Joel calls … [Read more...]