Sacrificial Giving as the Christian Standard for Giving

The New Testament is very ineffective when it comes to giving a measurable standard of giving (a percentage). As a result, I've always wondered where Christians get the idea that giving 10% is the standard for all New Testament Christians.  Giving 10% can quickly be reduced to a sort of punching of the time clock or a simple token of our appreciation. We all know what it means to receive a … [Read more...]

What Does God Think About the Percentage Budget?

When I first wrote about the graduated tithe, someone commented that God already has a graduated tithe system where we give 10% of our income.  As our income increases, so does our giving.  Also, as our income decreases, so does our giving. But, what say you? The percentage budget says: Your cost of living should increase as your salary increases. Your percentage of giving should never … [Read more...]