How to Make Sure it is Safe to Use Your Credit Card Online

This is a guest article from an Australian personal finance writer Fred Schebesta Craig Here: I almost edited some of Fred’s spelling into American spelling, but alas I embraced the Canadian in me and left some good old fashion spelling in the post. Credit card holders fall into two distinct groups – those who use their cards for everything online, in person and over the phone, and those who … [Read more...]

Send Money or Transfer Money With These Fast Free Ways

Perhaps you’re one of those folks who have been hiding in the background wondering if all this new fangled technology is really safe.  Internet banks and internet transfers have, I believe, proven themselves to be safe and secure methods of exchanging money.  If you are still using the old check and stamp method, perhaps this post will convince you to take the plunge into the world of fast … [Read more...]

Is there a Cheaper Alternative to PayPal?

After selling a few items on eBay last week I was amazed to notice how much of my earnings went to PayPal fees.  Ebay charged me for listing the items, for selling the items, and then Paypal charged me for accepting the money.  I immediately started seeking cheaper alternatives to PayPal.  A few weeks back I came across this article that bemoans the fact that Paypal adds fees without notice.  … [Read more...]