Giving Story | Does $5 Matter to God?

All of us desperately need giving heroes.  We need to hear about the generous things people are doing.  In those stories, God can helps us to become more generous.  We don’t often get to hear those stories because we don’t want our left hand to know what our right hand is doing :).  However, here at MH4C, we’ll use this anonymous format to share encouraging giving stories. … [Read more...]

Using Robo Form to Organize Your Finances

For approximately three years now I have used a program called RoboForm to help me organize my finances.  I have absolutely loved RoboForm and I think it could help you organize your finances (no, I don’t get a commission for saying that).  If you are looking for a way to organize your internet related financial information, I suggest you check out RoboForm. How I use RoboForm to Organize my … [Read more...]

28 Tips for Organizing Your Finances

One of the six habits of the financially fit is to organize your finances.  Unfortunately, many people are unwilling to organize their finances because there is simply too much to do.  I am reminded of a proverb that says, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”  Reduce financial organization to individual tasks.  Instead of saying, “I need to organize my finances”, say, “I need to … [Read more...]