Car Loan Payment or Pay Cash For A Car?

When shopping for a new car one of the first questions a dealer will ask you is – what kind of car loan payments are you looking for?  If you answer that question, you just cost yourself thousands of dollars.  Instead, when you buy a pay cash for a new car.  In other words, you should look at total purchase price, not the monthly car loan payment amount. Save Money On Your Car Loan Payment: Buy a … [Read more...]

When is it Time to Buy a ‘Newer’ Car?

Cars can be so new that the mileage is under 100.  It has a new car smell.  And you are the first name ever on the title.  If that is the new you are looking for be prepared to assume a huge amount of depreciation on the vehicle in a very short time. What is a 'new' car?  When I talk about a ‘new’ car I mean new to you.  The mileage in the car is probably over 5 digits, not under 3.  It has a … [Read more...]